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Tropical state of mind

Spring is already here, and with it a burning desire to go green! This popular color is taking wardrobes and the cultural world by storm this season. There’s no missing out on this tropical trend, whose touches of green inspire such joy and resonate so powerfully with our inner well-being.

Did we hear you say trend?

From tropical wallpaper to flamingo-print cushions and plants found in faraway lands, this luminous shade is a way to make an exotic getaway while staying right at home. Green is undeniably the color of springtime and the summer. Whether mint, aniseed, khaki, or emerald, there really is something for everyone. While it may sometimes offer a slightly cold aesthetic, little pinches of other punchy tones such as yellow, orange, fuchsia and pale pink are a winning match.

But how can we really transform our interiors into an authentic “urban jungle”? Look no further than plants themselves, which diffuse the essence of nature in our homes while brightening up our décor. Those who despair at seeing their houseplants wither are advised to choose from a wide variety of cactuses as they are easy to look after. As for the green-thumbs among us, why not opt for a number of tropical plants such as palms, banana trees, or passion flowers?

Interior design enthusiasts will delight in the countless accessories available for creating a welcoming, modern atmosphere at home. When revamping the bedroom, both bed linen and curtains are ideal for showcasing the fresh style of trendy motifs. And in the family room, we recommend wicker furniture and a range of wallpaper to really add a refreshing new look.

Wild culture

The cultural world is also going green this season, and city parks and gardens are being reclaimed by inhabitants hungry for nature. In Paris, a trip to the Jardins des Serres d’Auteuil is the perfect chance to discover a collection of remarkable trees and rare pants. This magical setting is sure to please all lovers of botany and horticulture. For those more interested in new technology than gardens, the exhibition Capitaine Future et la Supernature at the Gaité Lyrique cultural center in Paris (through July 15) features the ideal combination of these seemingly opposing worlds. Visitors can explore an interactive, immersive universe designed to resemble a lush, green jungle. Carpets of flower petals and waterfalls are skillfully mixed with artificial intelligence to create the experience of traveling to a far-flung continent… Astonishing biodiversity to discover and admire in a virtual setting, like true 21st-century explorers.

Beyond trends: an in-depth reconsideration of society

It would be easy to say that this tropical trend is just another phase waiting to be replaced by the next fad. But if we look a little closer, this movement goes far deeper than interior design and culture. The trend is shining a light on our need for nature and space, two priorities so often forgotten in our city-dwelling lives. We are currently experiencing a real desire to refocus and reconnect in a world where everyone lives in the fast lane. And what better way to achieve this than through nature? Bright greens, shimmering colors, and exotic animals that make us want to travel are just a few things that make us feel good. Let us therefore give in to nature by making it a part of our homes, and take the time to slip away, just for a moment, by planning our next holiday…