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A selection of sports offering a blend of effort and pleasure

sports effort and pleasure

The new year has arrived along with a whole heap of great resolutions, and Kusmi Tea has launched the hashtag #mywellbeingmoments to give you a helping hand. Among the resolutions, getting in shape is still a firm favorite. But which activity should you choose?
Here is a quick look at today’s trendiest sports offering a blend of effort and pleasure.



Boxing has only been open to women since the late 1990s, and has since drawn a diverse following. Whether you choose the French, Thai, or English variants, this sport engages both body and mind while boosting self-confidence. Each session starts with a warm-up before the real training begins. The objective is to improve fitness and endurance, and also develop reflexes and coordination. What’s more, this physical workout is a great way of relieving tension while getting toned and strong. And those who don’t want to fight are more than welcome to take part in training sessions without stepping into the ring.



A stationary bicycle, a room plunged into darkness, and a heart-pumping playlist! Spinning is a fitness concept that has gripped the United States for years, and is now being exported abroad. Classes last between 30 and 45 minutes, and are designed to blast away calories and increase muscle tone in an energized atmosphere! After climbing onto your bike, get ready for around half an hour of intense but good-natured physical effort. And remember, cardio is a key part of these classes but you can also strengthen your legs, abs, and arms.
Needless to say, this fun, all-round sport attracts new enthusiasts every year!


Barre classes

Are you looking for a sport that combines ballet, Pilates, yoga, and cardio training? Then look no further than your nearest barre class! This comprehensive, balanced method is adapted to everyone, regardless of age, dancing ability, or physical capacities. Participants alternate between exercises at the barre and on the floor in order to work and stretch every muscle.
Get ready for stronger, toned thighs, arms, and abs!



Climbing has just been approved as an event for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, offering a great chance to discover this sport! The principle is simple: climb up the wall until you reach the top. But getting there requires mental endurance as well as physical strength. Climbers have to keep a level head, stay focused, and judge different heights and distances. The first sessions can be a little tricky, but with a bit of perseverance it soon becomes addictive! The numerous benefits include getting in shape, toning muscles, boosting flexibility, and, of course, feeling that rush of pride when you reach the top!