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The Orientis group (Kusmi Tea, Løv Organic) pledges its support to the WWF

Martin Harvey WWF

The Orientis group (Kusmi Tea, Løv Organic) cares about sustainable development issues and the environmental challenges of the world around it. The Group has therefore fully committed to WWF France for two meaningful projects: the protection of tigers and responsible tea sourcing.


A partnership to help protect tigers

Tigers are an iconic species in tea producing regions and are threatened with extinction. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has drawn up a red list for the conservation status of different species. The results show that the world tiger population is 3,200 individuals, compared to 5,000 in 1999. The Orientis group has therefore pledged its support as a sponsor of the WWF Tx2 program to fight against their extinction. This initiative was launched in 2010 and is driven by the governments in the 13 countries where tigers are found. The objective is to restore the wild tiger population and reach 6,000 by 2022 – the next Chinese Year of the Tiger.

Responsible, sustainable tea sourcing practices

The partnership between the Orientis Group and the WWF also helps Kusmi Tea source environmentally-friendly tea and ensure fair wages for producers. Some 15% of tea purchased by the Orientis group is currently organic. With the help of WWF France, Kusmi Tea will gradually and significantly increase its purchases of responsible, sustainable tea. The objective is to double the amount of organic tea over one year and reach more than 40% the year after. This commitment is natural for the Orientis group, whose high expectations mean it sources tea from producers adhering to the strictest standards.