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The Margaret Award: recognizing successful women as the new digital pioneers

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THE CÉSARs, THE OSCARS, and now THE MARGARETs: An Award for the woman digital entrepreneur and the woman digital intrapreneur of the year


The Margaret Award in brief

Founded by the French Digital Women’s Day (Journée de la Femme Digitale, JFD) in honor of Margaret Hamilton, a NASA computer scientist who helped put the first human on the moon, the Margaret Awards showcase women who have changed the world through digital initiatives. This prize is awarded every year as part of Digital Women’s Day. The objective is to promote the groundbreaking ideas and innovations that have seen these passionate women become leading figures in making a better world. The issues at stake are varied and have led to the development of a number of core themes over the last five years of the JFD. How can we understand and act in a changing world? How can the digital sector help create a more responsible, fairer world and future with greater gender equality? And how can we shift from ideas to actions to make the digital sector a beneficial resource for all on a daily basis?

And the nominees are…

The Margaret Awards are assigned in recognition of one digital entrepreneur and one digital intrapreneur every year. Just like Margaret Hamilton, the winners are committed, inspiring women who are working to create a fairer world.
As for the award itself, interdisciplinary sensory artist Judith Darmont meets with each winner to develop a singular prize in the form of an artistic video portrait. The prize lasts one minute, in which time seems to stand still – an experience reminiscent of a hologram – and each winner is like a star rising to join the constellation of digital women alongside Margaret.

An award in line with Kusmi Tea’s commitments

For the sixth year in a row, Kusmi Tea is a partner of the JFD. And for the first time, Sylvain Orebi, CEO of the Orientis group, is a member of jury that will choose the nominees for the 2018 Margaret Awards. An initiative that resonates with Kusmi Tea’s commitment to women.

Women, entrepreneurship, and daring: three inspirational themes that underpinned the debates and dialogues on Tuesday, April 17, 2018!

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credit photo : François Tancré