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The little joys of summer

little joys of summer kusmi tea

Simply knowing that summer is finally here is enough to raise our spirits! Every season has its own particular pleasures, of course. But in summer, the warm air and extra hours of daylight make everything seem lighter…


Fashion and interior design

The start of summer is the perfect time to revamp our interior. The infamous “spring clean” is over, our winter clothes are packed away, and we can finally add our own little seasonal touches. Pure white is a good base on which to reflect the bright daylight of summer. Using this as a foundation, we can then add pinches of color here and there. Think candles, cushions, and vases to be refilled every weekend with flowers from the market! And don’t forget to create a cozy space on your balcony or terrace.

But what about our own personal summer makeover? Now is the time to cut and revive our hair to help it deal with the sun, sea, swimming pools, and sand to come… And don’t hold back on ultra-trendy sneakers that go with every outfit while offering unbeatable comfort. It couldn’t be easier, as there is something for all tastes, styles, and budgets! Finish your look by replacing the leather bag with a straw or canvas model, perfect for either work or the beach. And finally, opt for nude makeup as part of your morning ritual!

Endless days

As night falls later, it is vital we make the most of the extra daylight. Have lunch outside during the week while topping up your tan on a terrace. And don’t hesitate to enjoy a drink after work in the sun! Alternatively, channel your inner culture buff and take advantage of the later opening hours at museums, galleries, parks, and gardens. You’ll feel like a second day is beginning after work. One devoted to relaxation worthy of a weekend, but during the week! This feeling can also be inspired after work with activities usually reserved for Sundays such as jogging, sports classes, or walks.

Adventures await

The public holidays of May are over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t leave the city from Friday to Sunday. Early summer is the ideal time to organize biking weekends, beachfront escapades, and or hiking trips. The destination matters little, as long as you’re in good company and the weather is warm! Getting away for two days is a great way of gearing up for vacations with an inimitable combination of excitement and relaxation.

Summertime cuisine

Gone are the days of heavy dishes and soups. Welcome to the age of crunchy vegetables, gourmet salads, and a vast range of summer fruits! Organize countless barbecues and picnics to indulge in the joys of lunching, brunching, or dining outside with friends and family. Moments of pure pleasure made even better with cocktails, sorbets, and iced teas!


A wind of freedom seems to blow through our lives with the arrival of summer. Now is the time to enjoy it to the full!