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Teatime with the founders of By Charlot

You have probably already heard of this brand… Kusmi worked with By Charlot, a company offering plants for your interior, as part of the release of its new tea. But who are the people behind this start-up dedicated to creating green spaces in your home? We met with the founders to find out more.


1 – Hello, By Charlot! So, tell us: Who are you? Where are you from? And how did you get here?

Charles Fossey: By Charlot is the story of Charles and Charles. We are both passionate about interior design, but come from totally different backgrounds.

I started out as an engineer in the automobile industry before assisting a number of start-ups as part of an investment fund. It was this job that made me want to launch my own company. And so I chose plants. Obvious, really. (laughs)


Charles Senaux: I started working at a very young age for ready-to-wear brands such as The Kooples and Levi’s. These experiences – and my passion for retail – led me to work as a sales director for a digital start-up in the retail sector, and then to realize my dream of founding my own business.


2 – Why did you choose the name “By Charlot”? Can you tell us more about your concept?

Charles F. and Charles S.: Charles + Charles = BY CHARLOT! In a word, the name had to reflect who we were, be approachable, and communicate the premium service we provide to our customers. By Charlot was created through the simple observation that more and more people enjoy interior design and making their homes beautiful. This sparked our ambition to offer hand-made plant pots crafted with fine materials such as brass and ceramic. We also meticulously select our plants from producers and give each one a name written on a customizable vinyl label. This way, our creations become yours, too!


3 – What inspires you?

Charles S.: So many things! We look to leading luxury houses that set today’s fashion trends, but also to more recent brands developing innovative concepts. We closely follow the specialist press in the fashion and interior design sectors, and also make sure we stay attuned to the latest innovations in totally different industries such as cosmetics, digital, and even architecture. The way we make our products and how we work is also very important. We want everyone who works at By Charlot to feel happy and fulfilled.


4 – Which different plants do you offer?

Charles F.: We have a varied catalogue and constantly interplay different aspects such as availability (plants are seasonal too!), design, and resilience.

Our plants can also offer certain benefits such as air purification or the absorption of certain waves. We work almost exclusively with succulents and cacti, but also feature several varieties of foliage plants and palms. You can therefore find a Sanseveria Cylindrica with long, bold stems, a Ficus Elastica with dark, elegant leaves, or perhaps a Euphorbia Triangularis to lend a Mediterranean look to your living room. We have more than 17 varieties, with names such as La Coquette, L’Élégante, Le Voyageur, and L’Athlète.


5 – What is a must-have plant for any home?

Charles F.: It’s quite difficult to answer that question, as tastes and colors change so frequently. We personally adore La Splendide for its aesthetic and extreme resilience. All you need is a bit of light and very little water, and you can enjoy it in your home for years!


6 – Can you give any advice for improving our green-thumbed skills?

Charles S.: Unfortunately not… (laughs). However, each of our plants is delivered with a booklet explaining how much it should be watered and how much light it needs. Generally speaking, we offer highly robust plants which need little more than a glass of water per month!


7 – What is your favorite Kusmi Tea blend?

Charles F. and Charles S.: Tropical White, of course!