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A tea for every moment

Tea is a real ally, a faithful traveling companion that can adapt to every moment in your day from getting up to going to bed. This versatile beverage offers everything from well-being and heat to energy and vitality, and relaxation and comfort. Here we have suggested our perfect day of teas, which can easily be …


The multi-facetted province of Yunnan in China

Travelling through the Yunnan province means surprises at every turn as you experience vastly different landscapes, languages, and people. Plunge into the authentic heart of China and discover a mysterious place defined by sharing and ancient traditions.   Enchanting settings   Many travelers consider Yunnan to be the most beautiful province in China. Located in …


Do you need a digital detox?

To start the year in a good way and in a good mood, we met up Coco Brac de la Perrière, author, disconnection/reconnection expert, mindfulness instructor giving us her best tips and advises to have a digital detox.    How do we know if we need a digital detox?    First of all, it is …