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Russian Afternoon Tea with Pavlova

As part of the Russian afternoon tea series, Charles and Ava have concocted a recipe for a Pavlova, an iconic Russian cake made with meringue and fresh fruit. You may have heard of the dessert, but do you know where it comes from? The name is actually inspired by the light-footed grace of the renowned …


Six curious facts about matcha

We have already told you about the main characteristics of matcha, a delicious, delicate tea presented as an intense green powder. It can be instantly recognized thanks to its texture and unique preparation method. This tea is not infused, but rather completely dissolved in hot water. We would like to teach you even more about …


Original tastes and flavor pairings

Do you enjoy exciting new experiences? You may be a daredevil when it comes to trying novel activities, but what about in culinary terms? Here are a few ideas for gastronomical adventures with a selection of original tastes and flavor pairings.   Molecular gastronomy Did you know? Molecular gastronomy involves experiments with new culinary transformations …