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Stronger together

stronger together

There are many big and small occasions to give something back throughout the year. This applies to our friends and families, of course, but also to our society as whole as we offer real support to causes we hold dear.

It feels good to do good!

There are now countless studies showing the positive, feel-good effects of helping others. Just look at the number of charity runs that have boomed over the last few years. It seems more and more people are drawn to concepts combining exercise and generosity, effort and giving back, and individual challenges and collective achievement. In a word, it’s a great way to have fun while helping!

In support of women

October is breast cancer awareness month all over the world, and many charities use this time to raise money for informing the public, promoting prevention, supporting medical research, and improving patient care. Some 70% of the staff at Kusmi are women, and supporting women’s causes has always been a priority for our brand. This is why everyone joins in the effort, including employees at the Parisian head offices and the workshops in Normandy, the management, and the store staff.

In 2017, for the third time, Kusmi donated a percentage of all October sales of two designated teas and a mug to the breast cancer awareness charity founded by the Estée Lauder France group and the magazine Marie Claire. An initiative driven by the combined generosity of the brand and its customers.

Coworkers running for a good cause

Staff members formed a team of runners at the Group’s head offices in Paris. The dedicated athletes spent many sessions training together in the streets of the French capital, in preparation for the Odysséa breast cancer race. This event united no fewer than 37,000 people at the Hippodrome de Vincennes horseracing track, and raised €420,000 for the fight against breast cancer.

Meanwhile, in the Kusmi Tea production and logistics workshops near Le Havre, another team formed to take part in the Amazone race. This event donates a percentage of the registration fees to the Ligue Contre le Cancer charity in the Seine-Maritime region, as well as to a number of other local charities. Some 12,200 runners took part in the 2017 edition.

A great experience for everyone involved, and all in support of a great cause!