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Shimmer and shine with springtime colors

kusmi tea

Spring is here! Don’t say you haven’t noticed! Just because the sunny weather is a little late this year, that doesn’t mean we can’t take a peek at this season’s trendiest colors!


The colors of nature

These are the first to watch out for. The plants around us have certainly understood that spring is well on its way, and that means we will quickly be able to enjoy all the benefits it brings.

We love:

  • Pale green, associated with the youngest, most fragile leaves; proof that, with a little patience, everything is reborn and rebegins. Such is life! You may walk through the forest and see nothing but dry, naked branches. But come back three days later, and, lo and behold, a multitude of beautiful green buds will have sprung out of nowhere!


  • The flashy colors of primroses and tulips, from lemon yellow and fuchsia to purple and bright orange, make up an explosion of irresistible shades to put a smile on your face. Cowslip primroses – or primula veris – are also one of the leading types of springtime flowers. Primula is the feminine form of the Latin primus, meaning “first,” and veris is the Latin word for “of spring.” A similar seasonal reference can be found in the Italian and Spanish translations of spring, primavera.


  • The blue of the waters. Just why exactly are the lakes, rivers, and seas a grayish-green color during the winter, but sparkling blue in spring and summer? There are several factors that change how we see the color of water, including the temperature, and the light outside. As a result, stretches of water become increasingly blue in the springtime!


The colors of fashion

The fashion world will be offering a whole host of different colors once again this season, giving everyone a chance to find something to suit them. There is one golden rule for the coming months: no one should leave the house without a flower print! These patterns are truly tantalizing, and available in a range of different colors. They can be spotted in all the store windows, and whether boasting stylized flowers, XXL petals, or exotic plants, each one is filled with joy and whimsy. We recommend wearing them with single-color pieces in pastel tones – another of this season’s leading trends! With lavender, peach, dusty pink, sky blue, and pale green, there really is something for everyone. Some will go for the head-to-toe look, while others will opt for a just little hint here and there, using accessories such as ballet pumps, that It Bag you just have to have, or perhaps even a pencil skirt. White is another of this season’s essentials, offering a reliable, go-to style with the reappearance of sunny days. Both timeless, elegant, and chic, white is the guarantee of a flawless look. After all, it goes with everything! Last but not least, springtime means sparkles, so get out your glitter, sequins, and shimmering silver! Traditionally reserved for end-of-year celebrations, this glitz and glam is also ideal for outfits worn in the sun – ensuring you stay glowing all day long!


The colors of the kitchen

The arrival of spring also means we change what we eat and how we decorate our tables. It’s time to reinvent your meals, and your interior! First things first, we recommend mixed salads boasting bright, inviting colors, such as the ruby red of tomatoes, the golden yellow of peppers, and the olive green of … olives! It makes a nice change from the (admittedly delicious) soups and stews of the colder months! Enjoy your fresh, seasonal cuisine in a setting decorated with colors inspired by both land and sea. It’s the season of saffron, ochre, rust, beige, and simple, elegant shades, topped off with bright and cheerful pinches of turquoise and sunny yellow. And don’t forget the gleaming hues of the boxes of Kusmi tea piled high in the kitchen! A touch of joy and color even before you start heating up the water!


Now it’s up to you to make your own stylish entrance into springtime!