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Secrets to a magical Kusmi Tea Christmas


With the Christmas season approaching fast, Kusmi Tea has redesigned the box for its iconic Tsarevna tea and several of its giftsets. We sat down with Claire-Alice, the project manager who developed this line of gifts. Get ready to go behind the scenes!



  • What will Christmas be like at Kusmi Tea this year?


The whole winter is set to be magical at Kusmi Tea this year, as we are taking you to Saint Petersburg – the birthplace of the brand. The Christmas collection is led by our famous Tsarevna tea, and this year will feature elegant, colorful boxes with something to please everyone. Our values of sharing and pleasure are the cornerstones of this collection with a whole host of spicy and floral flavors. A great idea for personalized gifts, ready to put under the tree!



  • Where did you find your inspiration?


In this new, limited-edition version of our Tsarevna Christmas tea, we wanted to pay homage to the daughters of the Tsar in Imperial Russia. And we drew our inspiration from the elegant, sophisticated world of Russian jewelers and silversmiths. Russia is home to many Baroque masterpieces, and these gems were the creative foundation for the new box of our Tsarevna Christmas tea. The new design features a silver backdrop adorned with arabesque motifs in a dark, Imperial blue – the symbolic color of Russian jewelry.

We then revamped the giftsets that make up the rest of our Christmas collection, using the same motif but in red and silver to give them a little touch of magic.



  • What do the red and silver colors mean?


Red is the color that announces the start of the Christmas celebrations. You see it every day in all the decorations at this time of year, and especially on the Christmas tree. What better idea than matching the gifts we put under its branches? As for silver, this precious, radiant color is ideal for lighting up the festivities!



  • Which three words describe Christmas at Kusmi Tea?


Christmas at Kusmi Tea is…

Enchanting, as everyone discovers a magical world

Iconic, as it showcases the symbols of the Kusmi Tea history

Generous, in both colors and sensations



  • What are the secrets behind the arabesque patterns? Do these symbols have a specific meaning?


They certainly do! Our arabesque motifs hide a number of symbols linked to the history of Kusmi Tea! You will spot the Matryoshka, the famous Russian doll, the Bronze Horseman, the equestrian statue of Peter the Great in Saint Petersburg, and the iconic Berlin Bear. You will also glimpse the Troika, the three horses that pulled the carriages in Imperial Russia. And don’t forget the emblematic tea leaf representing Kusmi! As you can see, every symbol has a very special meaning within the arabesques!



  • What are your plans for Christmas this year?


I will spend this Christmas with my family. This is THE time of year when everyone is together, and I plan to enjoy every last minute! By the fire with a steaming cup of Tsarevna, of course!