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All the secrets of spiced teas


Kusmi Tea develops a vast range of blends drawing on authentic know-how cultivated for more than 150 years and using rooibos, maté, and black, green, and white teas. These recipes are then enhanced with citrus peel, flowers, fruits, and rich, woody, or vegetal flavors. But there are also spiced blends defined by a mixture of subtle and imposing notes offering something for everyone. With fall upon us, let’s discover these spiced teas that provide warmth, energy, and comfort during the colder days and nights!


Did you know?

The word “spice” has changed a lot over the years. Its etymology comes from the Latin species, which more generally refers to “goods” or “wares.” But in its more current form, spices describe plant-based substances that add both powerful and delicate flavors to dishes and beverages. Spices can be sourced from many different parts of plants, including bark, roots, leaves, and seeds. And as they require a lot of sunlight, the plants are generally grown in tropical regions.


Spices and tea

Some spices go particularly well with tea. Ginger is one example, and is grown for its “rhizome,” or root. After being dried and ground into a powder, ginger root offers a particularly delicious flavor. Aniseed is another spice used to flavor tea blends, and its distinctive aroma can be added as leaves and seeds. Cardamom is not as well-known but just as delicious. And while it is also a root spice, its pods and the fragrant seeds within are actually the parts used to flavor tea. Last but not least, cinnamon is sourced from the inner layers of bark on the cinnamon bush, which looks a lot like a bay tree.


Spiced teas by Kusmi

Fall and winter are the perfect seasons for enjoying spiced teas. Firstly, they add a little boost of energy that helps us cope with the colder weather and shorter days. Secondly, these blends pair particularly well with the hearty, slow-cooked dishes we love in winter. And finally, spiced teas often go hand in hand with festive moments shared with friends and family such as homemade meals or evenings spent by a roaring fire.


Kusmi Tea has a fine selection of irresistible spiced teas… The star of the moment is none other than Tsarevna, the Christmas blend by Kusmi. Its enchanting fragrance is created by a black tea base, deep spicy notes of ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, and aniseed, and the fullness of orange peel coupled with vanilla, almond, and licorice. Those looking for a little pick-me-up will adore Boost and its perfect combination of maté, green tea, cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom. Prince Vladimir offers a journey back in time to Imperial Russia with its blend of black teas, citrus, vanilla, and spices, first created in 1888. Kashmir Tchai is one of the oldest Kusmi blends, containing a mixture of spices along with cloves and bay leaves. And, of course, there is the legendary Imperial Label, a subtle green tea made with orange, cinnamon, and licorice.


Now is the perfect moment to spice up your teatimes! After choosing your favorite spiced tea, keep it close by until next spring… and perhaps for even longer!