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Tutorial n°1 – Reuse your Kusmi tin: Make it into a vegetal pot


Do you love plants, but think your vegetal pot looks a little sad? We have just the thing for you ! Whether you want to decorate your home or your office, Kusmi Tea tins are a perfect way of playing with different sizes and colors to really freshen up your interior.



  • Mint seeds
  • Potting soil
  • Water
  • 1 tin of empty Kusmi tea, 4.4 oz.

Step 1 

Fill the tin with soil.

Step 2 

Place a few seeds on top.

Step 3

Add a little more soil. Pack down and water.

Step 4

Wait for the mint to grow, ensuring the soil stays damp.

Choose somewhere with lots of light, but not directly in the sun.


Quick tip:

Pinch the tips of the stems to prevent the plant from flowering and encourage new leaves to grow.


Quick advice:

Prepare your seedlings in March and enjoy your beautiful mint plant all summer.




Most cactuses are sold in plastic pots. Choose a larger receptacle when repotting them. Kusmi Tea tins are the perfect size!

You will need:

  • 1 cactus
  • 1 tin of empty Kusmi tea, 4.4 oz.
  • Water
  • Cactus potting soil

Step 1 

Line the bottom of the pot with clay pebbles.

Step 2 

Add soil up to the halfway point.

Step 3 

Carefully pick up your cactus and place it in the pot. Fill to the top with soil and water it.


Your magnificent plant pot is ready! Put it wherever looks best in your home and send us photos of your pots on social media using the hashtag #KUSMIREFILL.


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