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Real people, or nothing!

Out with top-models photoshopped from head to toe in images too perfect to be true. Long live the women and men you cross in the street! The time is of these “real people,”  who have curves, wrinkles, and gray hairs. These little “extras” were recently experienced as faults. But now they are sought-after as additions to one’s charm and character.


Think of fashion, advertising with “real life” celebrities, non-actors in movies, and politics run by the public. People who are “normal,” simple, natural, approachable, credible – in a word, authentic! – are now centerstage.

Buoyed by their significant added value, the anti-hero is now in the spotlight. Women and men “like everyone else” from 18 to 80 took to the stage and rewrote the sector’s codes. And 70-year-old Joan Dilion is even an ambassador for Céline. Real mothers and daughters were photographed for Le Comptoir des Cotonniers. Couples starred in adverts for The Kooples. And recently, a full, traditional, Sicilian family featured for Dolce & Gabbana in a return to adverts founded in reality.

Photographing real people is now the hobbyhorse of women’s magazines for both the public and the elite. Even American Vogue has joined in, with an issue created with “nothing but real women.” And if top models are the subjects, then why not show them naturally without makeup in the style of Marie Claire and Elle? Success guaranteed! What’s more, since last October, Getty Images no longer accepts photoshopped images of women in its database.

Real people also means real casting sessions, which are generally carried out in the street. This is how French telecom company found Rudolphe, an unexpected geeky character who is now an online icon. Recruiting from within companies is another tactic, with businesses now quick to offer the job to staff members. EDF, Siemens, Seat (and its advert filmed exclusively with employees), Weight Watchers, Carglass, Adecco, and EADS have promoted their values via authenticity. Creating an affective relationship inspiring trust and credibility seems to be taking hold. Real people are taking over our celebrity culture!