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Our Christmas Gift Ideas 2019

Idées cadeaux de noel

We all know that Christmas is on December 25. And yet we struggle to find gift ideas every year. For this festive season, Kusmi Tea has taken the stress out of shopping and compiled its very own Christmas gift ideas. Let’s get started!


Gifts under €20

Secret Santa season is almost upon us! But finding a gift fit for everyone for less than €20 is often easier said than done! We’ve made things simple for you with our selection of gifts that won’t break the bank.

Christmas gift ideas

Giftset with 3 miniatures

This might be the most popular giftset for secret Santa season! You can choose three miniatures in this Christmas-colored set. Ideal for introducing someone to Kusmi Tea and its blends. We recommend Anastasia black tea, BB Detox green tea, and AquaRosa fruity herbal tea!



Signature tea caddy

Eco-friendly and décor-ready! Discover the beautiful, monogrammed Signature tea caddy by Kusmi. Choose one of the three colors – raspberry red, blue, or green. And they’re sure to all fit perfectly into any kitchen décor!



The Earl Grey range by Kusmi Tea

Earl Grey is a classic blend, and its black tea leaves and bergamot make it one of the most-consumed teas in the world! Combined with spices, citrus, and other fruits, Kusmi Tea has revisited Earl Grey in this 24-bag giftset.



Christmas-colored gifts

Every year, Kusmi Tea revisits its spicy Tsarevna Christmas tea in a new, limited-edition. For 2019, Tsarevna is featured in a beautiful, ultra-festive, red-and-gold tin.

Christmas gift ideas

Tsarevna 200g

This is Kusmi Tea’s favorite Christmas tea. Every year, you can discover a delicious new blend with a black tea base and organic orange peel, combined with deep spicy notes and gentle, natural flavors of vanilla and almond.



The 24-bag set

Perfect for bringing Christmas tea to the office, and a great gift for tireless workers who enjoy a cup of tea between meetings!



The Tsarevna giftset

Kusmi Tea is now offering a Tsarevna giftset! Featuring a 200g tin of loose tea and an exclusive mug decorated with this year’s magical motif. A ready-to-use gift!



Delicious, chic gifts

With its shimmering white tin, Le Thé Blanc Alain Ducasse is a must-try by Kusmi Tea. A true delicacy with white tea, rose, and raspberry. What’s more, our Alain Ducasse White Tea is available in different formats, so there’s something for everyone!

Christmas gift ideas

Le Thé Blanc Alain Ducasse 125G

A leading classic! Since being released in 2017, Le Thé Blanc Alain Ducasse has won over tea connoisseurs and lovers of beautiful objects alike!



The Christmas giftset

Perfect for putting under the tree, the Kusmi Tea x Alain Ducasse giftset contains a 200g shiny white tin and a limited-edition sparkling white mug.



The 24-bag set

This is the ideal gift for those who love this blend and who want to bring it to work or on vacation… Or for those who have not yet mastered the art of tea and who don’t have a tea infuser.



Fully customized gifts

If you like adding a personal touch to your gifts, look no further than the customizable giftsets by Kusmi Tea! These pretty sets in red and gold can be filled with your favorite blends to give to your loved ones.

Christmas gift ideas

Giftset with 3 miniatures

Three 25g tea miniatures in a Christmas-colored giftset. A brilliant idea for introducing someone to the Kusmi Tea blends – even if they don’t know much about tea!



Giftsets with 3 or 6 KusmiKubes

These practical giftsets are filled with KusmiKubes (10 wrapped bags). Blend green, white, and black teas and herbal teas to suit your tastes!

Giftset with 3 KusmiKubes: €22.50

Giftset with 6 KusmiKubes: €45.00


The Christmas giftset

For just €25, this giftset features a 125g tin, a 25g miniature of your choice, and a tea infuser. And that’s not all! If you live in Paris, come to our store at Opéra (33 Avenue de l’Opéra, 75002) where you can get your tea infuser engraved!



Caffeine-free gifts

We also have a great selection of products for those who don’t like tea, or who can no longer drink it (such as pregnant women):

Christmas gift ideas


A blend of hibiscus, red fruits, and dark berries, AquaRosa can be enjoyed hot in winter and iced in summer! Perfect for a fruity moment in the evening.




With its delicious flavor of mango and dragon fruit, AquaExotica is an infusion of delicate fruits with a hibiscus base. It can also be enjoyed hot or iced, and its aroma is to die for!



Be Cool

This is a new take on the traditional herbal tea. A fragrant plant infusion ideal for a cozy night in. Notes of verbena, peppermint, and licorice.



Tea Accessories

And finally, here is a short selection of our accessories!

Christmas gift ideas

Isothermal bottle

We have found a trendy, zero-waste, ultra-practical accessory – the Qwetch isothermal bottle! It keeps tea hot for 12 hours, and other drinks cold for 24 hours!



Matryoshka candle

Do you know someone who loves Kusmi Tea but who already has all their favorite blends? Then why not choose a Matryoshka candle? Its spicy fragrance is softened by sweeter notes of vanilla and the refreshing tang of citrus. They’ll be coming back for more!