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Original tastes and flavor pairings


Do you enjoy exciting new experiences? You may be a daredevil when it comes to trying novel activities, but what about in culinary terms? Here are a few ideas for gastronomical adventures with a selection of original tastes and flavor pairings.


Molecular gastronomy

Did you know? Molecular gastronomy involves experiments with new culinary transformations through mechanisms and phenomena that occur when food is modified. One example that everyone knows is what happens when we whip egg whites into a creamy foam! The name of this specialty is simply taken from the molecules that make up the ingredients. When stimulated in the right way, they create new textures, colors, and therefore countless new sensations. A perfect mix of cooking and science!


Food pairing

Science is once again at work in the kitchen, but this time with a spot of chemistry. And it’s set to be delicious! Food pairing means combining two unlikely foods because they share a similar molecular structure, meaning they might just go well together. Think Iberian ham and dark chocolat, orange and zucchini, or oyster and coconut. All three are excellent pairings, but no one would have thought to try them! These inventions are the work of the founders of foodpairing.com, an online goldmine of inspiration for adding a little originality and personal touches to your meal.


Original tastes

Think of matcha, which aside from its unique green color will also lend an incredible flavor to your pastries and sauces. As for other surprise ingredients, use dark chocolate in your meat, fish, and vegetable dishes. And the white version goes marvelously with olives! Ice creams are another area in which chefs can really let loose. Tried-and-tested examples include ice cream with flowers (including violet, poppy, jasmine, and lavender), plants (cactus, thyme, estragon), spices (curry, Espelette pepper, cumin), cheese (parmesan, Roquefort!), and even oysters and caviar. But Japan carries the day with its ice creams infused with fish, wasabi, seaweed, and even squid ink!


Revamped classics and heirloom vegetables

Don’t think twice about revisiting your culinary standards. Your galette des rois can be twisted with pistachio and cherry, and your Roquefort and walnut cake, macarons, and canelés with parmesan and basil. Dare to try tomato whipped cream, salmon and spinach crumble, or almond and lemon tiramisu! Last but certainly not least, heirloom vegetables such as parsnips, rutabagas, and sunchokes are wonderful when fried, pureed, and in soups!


Unique combinations

Cheese is an excellent ally, as it can be enjoyed with sweet flavors such as honey and fruit. It would be a shame to restrict it to an after-dinner platter. Fruits are also perfect for adding a unique twist to your meal. Try using litchi, kiwi, or crushed strawberries to your meat and fish dishes. Or roast up bananas, preserve apricots, and slow-cook oranges! And don’t forget herbs and spices for adding variety and transforming your cuisine. With paprika, turmeric, saffron, cilantro, thyme, rosemary, and more, you can let your imagination run wild!


We hope we have inspired you to experiment with new, culinary ideas! Another great (and easy) resolution: making 2019 the year of fantastic tastes and flavors!