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Off to Brazil


The last thing we want is to become tour guides; this section simply hopes to inspire you and help you daydream, offering a relaxing break while you imagine your next vacation. Today we’re setting sail for the natural, enchanting landscapes of Brazil with five charming settings to be discovered after an exciting few days in Rio or Sao Paulo.


Unique: the Amazonian rainforest

With 390 billion trees and 16,000 different species, it’s easy to see why the Amazon is nicknamed the “lungs of the Earth.” Both legendary and mysterious, this rainforest inspires both introspection and modesty. Travelers can hike in harmony with nature at its purest and most fascinating, and everyone is transformed by their discovery of this singular world. Spring is the ideal time to visit, as you avoid the stifling heat and the rainy season.


Idyllic: the seafront

Get ready for white sandy beaches lapped by clear turquoise water; pretty little fishing ports, discreet inlets, exotically-named villages such as Jericoara (“Jeri” for those in the know, which was ranked as one of the world’s ten most beautiful beaches – even the streets are covered with sand), Alter do Chao (nicknamed the “Caribbean of Amazonia”), and Arraial do Cabo (perfect for exploring the underwater world)… Needless to say, Brazil is brimming with divine little slices of paradise for enjoying everything the coast has to offer.


Grandiose: the inland areas

Breathtaking landscapes and timeless villages are waiting for those who venture inland. Ouro Preto is just one example. Its name means “black gold,” and was inspired by the discovery of gold in the surrounding rivers during the 18th century. This superb little colonial town is crisscrossed by paved streets and was built on the hillside in the mining state of Minas Gerais. Now a Unesco World Heritage Site, it is filled with Baroque buildings and gilded churches.


Immense: the national parks

Brazil is home to a multitude of national parks. One of the most famous is Lençois Maranhenses, uniquely comprised of white sand dunes stretching as far as the eye can see over almost 600 square miles. Some of them reach up to 130 feet high! Lakes, lagoons, and rivers are scattered across the park, and the views are magnificent whatever the season. Visitors can admire the cascading water during the rainy season or take in the sparkling surfaces under the summer sun. Chapada Diamantina is another national park, renowned for its biodiversity, waterfalls, and hiking trails.


Enchanting: the magical little islands

A myriad of heavenly little islands await off the coast of Brazil. These small clusters of land surrounded by clear water are home to beautiful landscapes and a vast choice of activities including diving, hiking, swimming, and relaxing, of course! Ilha Grande is one of the most popular sites. This authentic, preserved island offers a blend of beaches and forests, and is the perfect destination whatever the time of year. The Fernando de Noronha volcanic archipelago is another must-see. Boasting magnificent fauna and flora, it limits visitor numbers every year to protect its islands.


Picture the scene: relaxing with a maté or a caipirinha after your capoeira class…