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New Year’s resolutions and how to keep them


We have all started the New Year with a long list of “resolutions.” During the first days of January, we all feel the need to get the year off to a good, solid start. However, we should be careful when setting our goals and make sure we only choose a few – but the right ones!


S.M.A.R.T. resolutions

If you don’t want to find yourself having abandoned all of your resolutions by February 1, you need to be S.M.A.R.T. Just like they do in businesses! If you don’t know the concept, here is a quick lesson. S is for Specific – or simple and precise. M is for Measurable, meaning you can quantify your achievements. A is for Accessible, although without forgetting a pinch of Ambition. R is for Realistic, of course, otherwise you won’t get anywhere! And T is for Time limit, to ensure you don’t run out of motivation.


Feel-good exercise for the new year

One of the most common resolutions is that “On January 2 I’m going to start exercising (again).” This can only be a good resolution, as it means getting in shape, doing your body good, and clearing your head. But why should we immediately go for a 12-month subscription? You can begin by jogging a little in the morning, swimming for half an hour in the evening, or trying out a yoga class. The moral of the story is to start the new year slow and not force yourself. Instead, choose an activity that suits you!


A plate-full of goodness

Healthy eating is another classic. And it’s a great idea! There are countless ways of making this resolution a reality, so take the time to find one that you like instead of trying everything at once. Some people will find it easier to cut down on sugar, while others will prefer eating more fruit and vegetables. You can even revamp how you do your shopping or try to spend more time cooking while listening to music or chatting to your BFF on the phone.


The support network

“Better off alone than in bad company,” as the old saying goes. This is true, although perhaps a little excessive. Let’s try a more balanced version. In our time of social media and networking, it is important to focus more on communication and shared moments with others. And this means choosing the people we really want to spend time with. Those with whom we can have constructive discussions+ and who have a positive influence on our lives (and vice versa). And don’t forget, in this high-speed world, we can decide to slow down and give more time to our loved ones.


Reasonable spending

Do you love shopping? Is retail therapy a must? Then even if your resolution for 2019 is to cut down on spending, don’t fall into the other extreme. The idea is to spend less, but not to refuse every little thing! The first step is to create a personal fund you can add to over the days and weeks. And with that, you can treat yourself from time to time!


Frightening filing

If you are someone who piles up papers and half-opened envelopes on your desk to be dealt with later, this is a resolution you have probably already picked: filing your papers and letters as they arrive! Of course, this is easier said than done. Therefore, instead of struggling to organize everything as soon as it comes through the door, spend one Sunday a month getting everything sorted. This will demand less effort but will be just as effective – and easier to maintain over time!


Did you know? In ancient times, people would choose resolutions and promise the gods to pay back debts and return borrowed objects. Let’s follow the advice of our ancestors, while keeping our well-being firmly in mind!