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The must-haves for your summer suitcase

The must-haves for your summer suitcase trends

Summer is finally here, along with all its little joys! Here we have selected a few must-have items you should pack to ensure you have the best possible vacation.



Sea? Countryside? Mountains? Regardless of the location, summer is perfect for recharging your batteries, relaxing, and switching off screens for a digital detox. Now is the moment you finally have the time to read all the books you couldn’t pick up throughout the year. Our favorites this summer include the four-part series Neapolitan Novels by Elena Ferrante and La Tresse by Laetitia Colombani. Two books offering a skillful depiction of women, friendships, and the ties that bind us. We also recommend you accompany your reading with a delicious iced tea. You can prepare it in an ice-cube-filled “thermos to go” before a daytrip or after getting home from the beach!

Getting wet

When it’s 86°F in the shade, all you want to do is swim and cool off. At the beach, discover the ocean’s treasures with new, full-face snorkeling masks. Perfect for enjoying panoramic views of the multicolored fish and coral reefs! If you prefer the pool to the sea, don’t forget your inflatables shaped like flamingos, unicorns, watermelons, or other trendy fruit. A colorful, XXL inflatable is a vital ingredient for any successful pool party! Get hold of these two must-have items, put on your swimsuit, and dive in!

Give something back with small, day-to-day actions

Baskets are the it-bags of summer 2018. Whether soft or hard, mini or maxi, in wicker or bamboo, don’t go on vacation without it! You may have seen them in boutiques, online, and in the press. But why not find one in a vintage or second-hand store and do your bit for recycling? If you prefer a new one, you can browse the products on Etsy and support artisanal designers. Sunscreen is another must-have item to put in your basket. However, this year you can swap the traditional one for an ecofriendly version that doesn’t endanger the underwater ecosystem. Corals and sea life are actually harmed by the UV filters found in most of today’s lotions. Your skin need protection but so does the environment, so we recommend reaching for an ecofriendly sunscreen before you tan!

Have a great vacation!