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Morocco, an invitation to happiness


Are you sick and tired of the long, gray winter? Do you need a healthy dose of sunlight and laughter? And all just a few hours away by plane? Then come with us as we head to Morocco for a guaranteed instant change of scenery and wonderfully warm weather. Located south of the Strait of Gibraltar, linking Europe and Africa in a blend of Eastern and Western cultures, this country is home to countless enchanting experiences…


Beautiful colors

From the multicolored market stalls to the many shades of its landscapes, Morocco is an awakening of the senses. Few could remain indifferent before the infinite variety of shimmering colors: the yellows, reds, okras, and oranges of the spices; the magnificent rose gardens; the lush green valleys and verdant palm-covered oases; the deep blue of its 2,175 miles of coastline; the infinite sandy beaches, and the dunes and mountain ranges stretching as far as the eye can see. Whether you stay in a beach resort, in one of the cities, or on the edge of the desert, you’re sure to be dazzled at every turn.


Astonishing flavors

The exceptional quality of Moroccan cuisine is now widely known. However, it is still astonishing to discover the sheer quantity of flavors when you arrive. Whether subtle tajines and couscous dishes, pastillas, or traditional pastries, every specialty can be twisted and reinterpreted as a sweet or savory delicacy. Alternatively, feel free to add in some mint, olives, almonds, oranges, or lemons. The choice is yours! All that’s left to do is take a seat facing the Atlas Mountains, clear your head, and relax while indulging in a “gazelle horn” biscuit and sipping a spearmint green tea.


Pure indulgence

As well as the weather, you can also expect to enjoy the warmest of welcomes in Morocco, where kindness and hospitality are part of life. The same goes for well-being, with traditional steam baths that leave you feeling brand-new, and spas that specialize in the ultimate pampering pleasures. You will also find magnificent gardens offering little slices of paradise, where rustling leaves and chirping birds invite you to while away the hours in a state of delicious relaxation. And don’t forget the countless beauty products you can’t find elsewhere, made using essential oils, rose, and shea butter. The perfect opportunity to indulge in some real “you time.”


A world of splendors

Morocco’s cultural heritage is as rich as it is varied. Wide-eyed, delighted visitors can expect such majestically beautiful gems as tall, slender minarets, mysteriously interlaced wrought-iron gates, finely-crafted façades, geometric mosaics, elegant openings hewn into the walls, enchanting arabesques, sculpted wood panels, and gracious, soothing fountains. What could be better than discovering authentic Moroccan architecture and artisanry in a warm, inviting setting bathed in golden sunlight? Colors and flavors, spices and specialties, well-being and time for oneself… It seems an escapade to Morocco is a lot like enjoying a cup of Kusmi tea!