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Made in Le Havre, France

made in le Havre France

Even those who know Kusmi Tea inside out probably still wonder what exactly goes on behind the scenes… For example, do you know where your favorite teas are created?


Let’s take a look!

The Kusmi Tea production workshops (spanning over 8,000ft²) and the logistics warehouses (21,000ft²) are found in Saint-Vigor-d’Ymonville, in Normandy. This location is a wonderful symbol, as the neighboring city of Le Havre is actually twinned with Saint Petersburg, the birthplace of Kusmi! The workshops function according to a fully insourced model, which enables the brand to have total control over its production processes. After being packaged in the Norman warehouses, the teas are then sent across France and all over the world, as Kusmi is distributed in no fewer than 35 different countries!

If you ever have the chance to visit the Kusmi workshops, you are sure to be impressed by the production methods that combine modernity with artisanry, and a heritage of cutting-edge expertise with centuries-old traditions. Countless skilled hands work deftly alongside the very latest in high-precision machinery, and the result is teas of exceptional quality created using the finest raw materials.


Blend, flavor, pack!

Thanks to the Kusmi business model, every stage of production is carried out on site. The blends are created in a vast cylinder that emits the most enticing aromas. Flavors such as lemon, bergamot, mint, or red fruits are then added, before the loose tea is packed into tins or teabags. And the teabags themselves are made of biodegradable, natural fibers and produced in Saint-Vigor-d’Ymonville. Kusmi began relocating this activity some time ago, and by late 2018 all the brand’s teabags will be made exclusively in Normandy, France!


French Fab

Driven by its relocation efforts, Kusmi Tea has also joined the French Fab business network headed up by the BPIFrance public investment bank. French Fab was created to promote French expertise and industries by uniting companies that represent “French technique and the French industrial ecosystem” – in a word, the finest leaders of industry France has to offer! Kusmi Tea is proud to be part of this exciting project, and has been a member since it was launched in October 2017!


Nothing is left to chance when it comes to meeting the increasingly high standards of our customers, and pushing the limits of innovation even further!