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Looking for gift ideas for Fathers’ Day?

father's day

After mothers, it’s time to celebrate all the fathers out there! Of course, they deserve just as much attention, time, and care all year round, but maybe just a little more on this special day.


Did you know?

Father’s Day was officially introduced in France in 1952, set on the third Sunday of June, inspired by an ingenious idea from a lighter manufacturer looking to improve his sales. However, several attempts to officialize this day had already been made previously, and the first celebration of fathers dates back to the Middle Ages coinciding with Saint Joseph’s Day. Here are a few ideas for gifts that should inspire you, whatever your dad’s style.


Shared moments

Let’s not generalize, but it has to be said that shopping sessions, long phone calls, and organizing events are often something best shared with mom. But dads also love spending time with their children, whatever their age! Give your dad the gift of a shared moment by choosing an activity that suits you both. Perhaps a cooking class for playing chef for the whole family, a tasting session to learn about perfect food and wine pairings, or a dinner for two so you can catch up on each other’s lives.


What’s in the box?

Would you like to surprise your dad either once or once a month? Choose one of the wildly popular experience gift boxes that are now available in (almost) every form. Take a minute to think what your dad enjoys doing, and sign him up to one he would like. You can choose from wines, gourmet aperitifs, beers, cheeses, gardening, DIY, reading, and more! You’re sure to find something to suit him, and he will have so many surprises to come!


A polished appearance

More and more gentlemen are consumers of fragrances and cosmetics. They now like to take care of themselves and their bodies by playing their favorite sport, but also by pampering their skin. A sure-fire gift idea is a skin treatment gift box for your dad. And maybe next year he will dream of getting an indulgent spa session!


An unforgettable experience

In the same vein, a unique new experience is a great way for your dad to switch off and relax. Get together with your brothers and sisters and pick an activity he won’t expect – and certainly wouldn’t have booked himself! Think dinner-shows, skydiving, a Formula 1 racing experience, or even tickets to watch his favorite team. This idea can be infinitely adapted to his passions and hobbies.



Ah, customized objects… These delight dads of all generations. Whittle down your selection and then customize your choice. A T-shirt with a funny catchphrase or private joke? A photo of one of his favorite places? A photo calendar of your best family memories? Or better still, a small, hand-written card with words you may not usually tell him in person.


Inspired? Now it’s your turn to choose that perfect gift! Happy Father’s Day!