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A legendary tin for exceptional teas


The round, metal, Kusmi Tea tin has become an inimitable brand icon. But do you know what distinguishes it from all others or what makes it such unique packaging for our favorite teas?


A timeless, consistently modern tin …

The renowned Kusmi tin has successfully stood the test of time – centuries, in fact – without aging a day. Some people are unaware that it has been about for more than 150 years! It was actually created at the same time as Kusmi by Pavel Kousmichoff, in Saint Petersburg in 1867. The brand’s founder personally drew the logo still used on the tins today. It displays the silhouette of the legendary city center with St. Isaac’s Cathedral and the Bronze Horseman monument depicting Peter the Great.


Over the years, the Kusmi tea tin has retained its finest features such as the meticulously selected colors specific to each recipe. Each one is designed to showcase the ingredients of the blend it contains. But the brand has also successfully promoted an avant-garde, modern stance without ever turning its back on its history. Today there are more than 100 types of tins that together make up a harmonious, coherent range. All of them are made in France near the city of Orleans. The lids are adorned with tea bush flowers, as they were in Pavel’s time. But they have been given a stylized revamp and embossed onto the metal to create a textured design. The secret to this timeless tin is the capacity for self-reinvention, retaining traditional know-how and daring that accompany each age. Two core values that have always underpinned every Kusmi Tea product.


…That you want to keep forever!

After finishing your tin of tea, many of you don’t want to get rid of it! Whether miniature, medium (125g), or large (250g, enough for 100 cups!), there are many ways to give your tin a second life. The easiest option – and the most ecofriendly – is to refill it in store or order loose tea on the Kusmi Tea website.


But there are also many other ideas to be explored. Let your imagination run wild! Think jewelry and makeup boxes, pencil pots, potpourri containers, trinket bowls, and sweet tins. Your creativity should know no limits. Why not use it to plant herbs or mini rose bushes? Or perhaps a cactus or an orchid? You could even use wax from candles after a long dinner party, linen thread, and a miniature Kusmi tin. All you need to make unique lighting features to match your interior! And if you are lucky enough to have one lacquered, beautifully rounded, 2.2-lb tin, you don’t need to do a thing. Simply place it in your kitchen or family room to offer your interior that little something extra.


Remaining consistently authentic while respecting traditions and living within one’s time. That’s the secret to longevity!