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Kusmi Tea x Chantal Thomass, interview with the designer

Chantal Thomass

For the second year in a row, Kusmi Tea is collaborating with the talented designer Chantal Thomass in support of breast cancer research and prevention. After co-designing an iconic tote bag in 2018, Kusmi Tea and Chantal Thomass are joining forces for the 2019 edition of the Octobre Rose awareness month. The initiative will include the launch of a limited-edition mint green tea with rose petals and a tin created by the renowned lingerie designer. All profits will be donated to the Le Cancer du Sein, Parlons-en ! charity in France, as well as to other partner organizations across the world.

Chantal Thomass agreed to answer your questions about this exclusive collaboration!


What were your inspirations for the design of this tin?

My main inspiration was the tea itself. A tea with rose petals could only inspire me! This led to the color of the tin itself – my signature pink – and the floral motifs of lacework rose silhouettes.


What were the different creative stages in terms of design, materials, and colors?

I began by thinking about materials. I wanted to express the concept of femininity through a subtle nod to the textile world. I chose a velvet effect and combined it with a silvery metal finish.

I then got to work on the graphic elements of the tin and submitted several ideas to the Kusmi Tea teams. The proposal chosen was everyone’s favorite! After a few technical adjustments, I discovered the final product and I was delighted with the result!


What materials do you like to use and why?

Lace is definitely my favorite material. I love its finesse and transparency… But I am most interested in working with unexpected materials and using them for surprising new things. For example, the Kusmi Tea tin is made with metal, but I wanted to lend it a unique appearance of velvet and lace. When I have finished the tea, I might use the tin for my brooches and other little treasures!


What does this tin represent for you?

This tin represents femininity, fashion, and gentleness. It also embodies my continued commitment to breast cancer research, which is a cause I am particularly passionate about.


What is your vision of women?

Free! There are countless ways to be a woman, and there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who dares to be herself. That is what I strive to achieve in my creations – having fun, daring, and above all being true to myself and ignoring trends!