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Kocktails by Kusmi: The Kusmi Kolada and the Kusmi Dry

There are countless occasions for socializing this summer, from afterwork drinks to long Sunday brunches and festive World Cup parties! And why not invite your friends and family to enjoy cocktail creations made using Kusmi Tea iced teas? After discovering the Virgin Kusmi and the Kusmiconik, here are two new recipes for our Kocktails by Kusmi. Introducing the Kusmi Kolada and the Kusmi Dry.

It’s time to infuse your tea and prepare your ice cubes!


The Kusmi Kolada

We are heading to Puerto Rico, the Caribbean island that gave us the Pina Colada! Invented in the 1950s, this delicious, fruity recipe is a star of any cocktail menu. The Pina Colada – literally meaning “pressed pineapple” in Spanish – is revisited here with our Blue Detox blend. And we have replaced the coconut with passionfruit for an extra exotic twist! This recipe can also be made without alcohol so everyone can have a taste!


Pour the following into your shaker:

8cl BLUE DETOX blend
4cl amber rum*
1cl Cointreau®*


The seeds from 1 passionfruit
2 teaspoons liquid honey
4 ice cubes

Close your shaker and shake vigorously for 10-15 seconds.
Put a few ice cubes into a highball glass, pour in the mixture, and garnish with orange zest.

TO MAKE A VIRGIN VERSION, use 12cl of the Blue Detox blend.


The Kusmi Dry

We couldn’t have created a Kusmi cocktail menu without turning to the most iconic drink in cinematic history. This is, of course, the favorite cocktail of a certain British spy! While James Bond prefers it “shaken, not stirred,” our mixologist has crafted a recipe according to the art cocktail-making. This tipple is therefore mixed with a spoon to maintain the Martini’s harmonious flavors. Cocktail enthusiasts should ensure they mix all the ingredients well to get the best taste. In our revisit, the citrus notes are complemented by the BB Detox blend.


Pour the following directly into a Martini glass:

0.5cl GIN*
6cl BB DETOX blend

Add 2 ice cubes. Stir for 30 seconds with a spoon and garnish with a slice of pink grapefruit.


Share your Kocktails by Kusmi with us on Instagram and Twitter! See you very soon for four more exclusive creations.

* Alcohol can damage your health. Please drink responsibly.