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Keep the summer vacation going by taking care of yourself


Summer vacations are built on well-being, taking care of yourself, good living, and a gentle pace we would love to sustain despite the return to everyday realities. But just how do we do it?


Here are four principles to help you along your way:

Detox: be kind your body while still indulging


Eat healthy, fresh, easily digestible foods that are bursting with flavor. Go for greens at the supermarket, tantalize your taste buds with a range of spices, herbs, and seasonings… Indulge in vegetable juices!

Go shopping at your local market to select the best, freshest, local products with authentic flavors – a good way of avoiding bare cupboards.

Whatever happens, make time for breakfast. It will give you energy and put you in a good mood. Vary your choice of foods (fruit, dairy, whole wheat bread, for example), accompanied by an excellent tea or coffee.

Drink beverages that make you think of your vacation, keep you hydrated, and protect your skin and beautiful tan.



Stay cool: take your time to avoid running out of energy


Prolong your aperitifs (spritz o’clock!) with friends and enjoy the remaining light of the evenings to stave off the daily grind.

Take breaks during the day to talk and share fun stories with kind, empathetic friends. At lunchtime, avoid eating sandwiches at your desk. Instead, try finding a bench or a table in the sun to enjoy a salad and a light drink (why not an iced tea?) followed by a few pages of a good book or an irresistible magazine.

Dress casual and comfortable – while staying chic – by choosing colors and light outfits that bring out your tan.

Sign up to newsletters that keep that vacation feeling alive.



Love conquers all


Spend time with close friends and colleagues.

See friends, speak on the phone, or catch up with a drink, a tea, or dinner to keep the moment going.

Make photo albums of your vacation you can share or give as gifts to prolong the pleasure of summer.

Spend time with your family, or simply make a quick call to check in with those you love and avoid losing touch.

Give little gifts that you would like to receive.



Harmony in all things: take care your body as much as your mind


Continue or begin a physical activity you love (not necessarily the one you “should” be doing). This will help you switch off and recharge your batteries all year round.

Find a coach or a group of friends with whom you can share these moments.

Whether an activity focused on taking care (yoga, Pilates, or simply walking two stops instead of taking the subway), energy (Zumba or body pump), or athletics (swimming, jogging, biking, or tennis), choose what makes you happy.

You can also escape the daily routine with a walk in the park. And why not indulge in music or reading to avoid being overwhelmed by negative news items or violent political quarrels?


Doctor Pierre Azam, President of the Obesity Observatory