K by Kusmi n°5: taste

The last K by Kusmi made your mouth water (mineral water, of course!), and it is therefore only natural that we devote this next edition to taste!
However, “taste” is no throwaway term at Kusmi. Whether black or green, plain or flavored, all our teas have their own unique taste, and make up a richly varied range of palate pleasures enjoyed in France and across the world. And one of the main reasons these flavors are so popular abroad is that they offer the true taste of France.

In an effort to celebrate taste, we had to showcase the ingredient that makes French taste today so successful: creativity. With this in mind, we asked the world’s most renowned chef to create his own tea.

Alain Ducasse chose white tea as a base, and in doing so he filled a niche in our extensive selection. Kusmi Tea had never before created a white tea! Picked during the first harvest of spring, this tea is the most natural, least processed of all. White tea is grown mainly in the Chinese provinces of Fujian and Guangxi, and can be recognized by its intense freshness and clear liquor. Alain Ducasse then added notes of rose and raspberry to enhance its refined character. The result might just be the world’s best flavored white tea…

In this edition, the acclaimed chef offers his vision of taste, and teaches us a lesson to inspire us every day: we as adults are responsible for developing our children’s sense of taste.

Let’s follow his advice, and introduce our little ones to the world of tea. After all, thanks to us they will experience a unique moment of pure pleasure.

Sylvain Orebi