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K by Kusmi n°4: water

Water is life, as we all know. And yet tea is water, so therefore tea must be life! Aristotle did not drink tea, but what better technique than syllogism to imply the Greek philosopher would have understood the importance of this beverage for mankind? The teas we enjoy hot, slowly infused in water brought to just the right temperature, are a most pleasant way of staying hydrated while taking advantage of this natural product’s many benefits.

However, until recently, these virtues were unattainable for those who drank bottled iced tea, due to the excess of sugars, tea extracts, artificial flavorings, and varying qualities of tap water. It was time this segment – aimed at both children and adults – welcomed a high-quality, natural, healthy offering.

With this in mind, I invite you discover a new product – Evian x Kusmi – an infused mineral water that celebrates the collaboration of our two companies. A blend of heritage and tradition with our values of daring, beauty, creativity, and innovation. Evian x Kusmi is a singular range of tea-based beverages, born of a combination of the purity of Evian® natural mineral water and the one-of-a-kind, renowned know-how of Kusmi Tea®. The result is an irresistible mix of tea and uniquely-flavored ingredients. Evian x Kusmi offers recipes created by infusing white tea and natural flavors, with no sweeteners, preservatives, or artificial coloring. These healthy beverages are far less sugary than comparable products on the market, and are comprised of 95% Evian® mineral water filtered naturally for 15 years in the French Alps!

This fourth edition of K by Kusmi is therefore sure to keep you well hydrated! What’s more, Pascal Canfin, managing director of the French section of the World Wildlife Fund, is on hand to explain why water is so precious. What better way to celebrate life? Happy reading!

Sylvain Orebi