Détox (en), Editos-en

K by Kusmi n°1: detox

edito detox

Who would have thought? When I created our Detox tea, I couldn’t have imagined how well this concept would be received. According to the Huffington Post, we have created the first, authentic detox product. And what better way of demonstrating Kusmi’s ability to innovate than reading this first edition of K by Kusmi to discover the countless creations inspired by the term “detox” over the last ten years? Enlightening!

Kusmi tirelessly illustrates its innovative power in a range of fields, including the style of its stores, its advertising films, and its KusmiKiosks that provide you with your must-have products in the blink of an eye.

K by Kusmi now invites you to interact with your favorite brand, meeting its VIP enthusiasts, and discovering the far-flung lands where we search for the finest leaves that make our blends so beautiful. You can expect news, photos, and surprises, all in this exciting blog whose format is as unique as its first special guest, French author Marc Levy, who agreed to an exclusive interview. Happy reading!

Sylvain Orebi