K by Kusmi 2: 150th anniversary

It has to be said, Kusmi really does blaze its own trail! The year 2017 saw our beautiful brand celebrate not one but two major milestones! The first was the 150th anniversary of its creation by Pavel Kousmichoff in 1867 in Saint Petersburg, reminding us all of the wonderful Russian history of this tea so loved by the tsars. The second, the 100th anniversary of Kusmi’s arrival in France in 1917, was a way of honoring its French heritage. And there’s no doubt our brand bases its identity on authentic French taste and quality. After all, our teas are produced and prepared in France, and our logo proudly bares the name of its capital. Without further ado, let us look back over these two anniversaries, and celebrate how the two histories have intertwined and grown together. In this second edition of K by Kusmi, you will find Franco-Russian blends on every page. The equestrian statue of Peter the Great crafted by sculptor Maurice Falconet, Saint Isaac’s Cathedral designed by architect Auguste de Montferrand, journalist Tatiana de Rosnay and her grandmother Natacha, and Kusmi, of course – born in Saint Petersburg, and raised in Paris!

Sylvain Orebi