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Interview with Juliette Swildens


Juliette Swildens is the founder of the oh-so-trendy clothing brand Swildens. Together, we have formed a partnership to design sweaters in the colors of our Wellness range. Whether the “Detox” blue or yellow, the “Be Cool” purple, the “Sweet Love” pink, or the “Boost” orange-red, each piece corresponds to the original colors and wording of our tins of tea Juliette has always adored. We are so happy with this collaboration that we decided to sit down with Juliette Swildens herself for an interview.


Hello, Juliette. Could you tell us a little about yourself?

Hello! I am the founder and art director of the Swildens brand. I make clothing that reflects who I am, joyful creations you feel good in. That’s what’s most important to me.


How was the Swildens brand born?

Swildens was the result of a desire to have clothes I could never find. I used to buy all my clothing in vintage stores. But there wasn’t always the right size for me, which was frustrating. That’s how everything started, and the collections developed over time.


How would you describe Swildens in just a few words?

Swildens is more about how you wear clothes. I call it sweet & savory. It means blending styles, from feminine and masculine to sportswear and chic.


Who is the Swildens woman? Is there even a Swildens woman?

The Swildens women is me in every way! Each person can then take my collections and mix them up the way they want. Not everyone will wear a lace slip skirt with cowboy boots one day, then a tuxedo jacket with sneakers the next!


What is your best memory since founding Swildens?

Every six months when the new prototypes arrive. There are always a few pieces that make my heart skip a beat. It’s completely superficial, but designing a piece of clothing and actually holding it in my hand a few weeks later always gives me such a feeling of satisfaction. I hope it will last!


What are your everyday inspirations?

My travels, especially to India, vintage stores, family photos of my aunts, and my daughters.


What made you want to collaborate with KusmiTea?

One morning I opened the cupboard to make my breakfast and saw all the tins of Kusmi tea piled up. All the colors made me want to create sweaters just like the tins! And I think the names of the different teas are so great I wanted to write them on clothes!


What will the Swildens x KusmiTea capsule collection be like?

The collection features five sweaters in the material Swildens shopaholics just love: Soft and washed-out, with the tea’s names printed in rubber. They will be sold with the corresponding tin of tea in a matching drawstring bag.


What is your favorite KusmiTea blend?

BB Detox, I love the name as much as the taste!