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Intensity? Did You Say Intensity?


If you’re a fan of tea and Kusmi Tea, you’ve already tried our new Earl Grey Intense! But what is intensity? How can we explain it? We asked ourselves the question, and decided that intensity awakens each of our five senses. So now we’re taking a closer look at five products and experiences that are bound to delight your senses in every way!




The 100% chocolate bar – Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse


A chocolate’s percentage indicates its cocoa content. Dark chocolate has more cocoa that milk chocolate, which is higher in sugar. So, in the intensity family, we’re including the 100% chocolate bar from Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse. Refined and powerful, without added sugar, this chocolate tempts cocoa fans with beans originating from Peru.



Dior Homme Intense eau de parfum – Dior


The scent we wear is unique to each of us and to our individual skin types. It reflects our personalities. That’s why some of us are attracted to woody perfumes while others gravitate towards floral notes. Dior Intense eau de parfum successfully combines a woody, amber scent with an intense olfactory note of iris. The result? A powerful, sensual perfume that appeals to ladies and gentlemen alike.



The Philharmonie de Paris


The Cité de la musique – Philharmonie de Paris is a cultural center that is truly unique in the world, bringing music awareness and learning to a diverse public. Its astounding architecture provides incredible acoustics that enhance the classical repertoire as well as contemporary and world music. You’ll listen, you’ll tremble, you’ll be transported by the powerful notes of the repertoire of your choice. It’s an intense experience waiting to be discovered!



Dans le Noir Restaurant – Paris and London


An innovative experience that will call all your other senses into play. The concept is simple: you dine in absolute darkness. The first step is adapting to the obscurity, which disrupts our usual points of reference. Then, it’s time to enjoy a surprise meal with flavors that are only revealed once in your mouth. It’s unsettling at first. But then the senses awaken, allowing you to savor the moment. An experience to try at least once in your life.



A massage


Rest and relaxation are the keywords of massage. An age-old tradition, it uses pressure and movement to relieve tension in the muscles, loosen them up and help you let go. You can choose between a relaxing massage with the soft redolence of Monoi or argan oil, an invigorating Ayurvedic or shiatsu massage, or a massage with hot stones. It can be a truly intense moment of well-being in the winter, a time to reconnect your body and spirit.

Our favorites: Cinq Mondes Spa, located in larger cities throughout France as well as internationally, and Clarins Spa for all the cosmetics brand’s expertise!


Which of your senses will succumb first to intensity?


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