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A heritage of historic recipes at Kusmi Tea

Historic recipes

The historic Kusmi Tea blends were originally created by Pavel Kousmichoff, who founded the company in 1867. And the recipes have remained a secret ever since. These generous blends are brimming with “Russian flavor,” and the ingredients are all meticulously chosen. Teas of the highest quality are carefully selected before being enhanced with citrus fruits, flowers, and spices. Here are a few stories about these intriguing infusions…


A subtle blend of black teas, bergamot, lemon, and orange blossom. This iconic tea draws its inspiration from the legend of the Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov, the fourth daughter and heir to Tsar Nicholas II. The young lady mysteriously disappeared in July 1918 after the imperial family was executed, sparking one of the greatest enigmas of the 20th century.


A perfect combination of premium teas from China, Sri Lanka, and India with the irresistible flavors of bergamot, lemon, lime, orange, and mandarin. And of course, the floral touch that lends its name to this delicate blend! Bouquet of Flowers N°108 was the first every Kusmi Tea recipe. It was originally created by Pavel Kousmichoff to celebrate the birth of his daughter Elisabeth in 1880. A Green Bouquet version is also available.


  • Troika, named after a team of horses…

Troika is a moreish blend of black teas from India, Sri Lanka, and China, flavored with natural essences of bergamot, orange, mandarin – three highly sought-after citrus fruits. The Russian word troika refers to a group of three things, but in the time of Pavel Kousmichoff it described a team of three horses used to pull carriages. Offering classic Russian flavors, this tea can be enjoyed throughout the day and is a wonderful addition to your morning routine. It is also available as a green tea.


This is one of the first recipes created by Pavel Kousmichoff at his first tea company. Developed in the early 19th century, Earl Grey Polish Blend N°18 is a tangy variation of the classic Earl Grey, combining the traditional bergamot with lemon and lime.


Just like Anastasia, the Prince Vladimir blend was designed by Pavel Kousmichoff in homage to a major figure from Russian history. This time he drew inspiration from the medieval era and the Grand Prince of Kiev, nicknamed the Fair Sun. The tea was developed in 1888 to celebrate the 900th anniversary of Russia’s conversion to Christianity by the Prince Vladimir. Now a classic in the Kusmi canon, this blend is a mix of black teas, citrus fruits, vanilla, and spices, and can be enjoyed throughout the day.


And now you know it all! You’ll never see (or drink) these historic Kusmi teas in the same way again!