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Let’s go to The Evian Championship for the week-end!


The Evian Championship is a major international sporting event, and has been hosting the world’s finest female golfers on the French banks of Lake Geneva for more than 20 years.


The history of the tournament

The original Evian Masters tournament was founded in 1994 by Antoine and Franck Riboud, directors of BSN (now Danone), and Valérie Pamard, director of the Evian golf club at the time. This new event was part of a desire to “fight for women’s golf by launching a tournament in which players could exercise their profession in the best conditions.” The course was remodeled several times between 1994 and 2012 to adapt to the increasingly high standards of play. The tournament quickly became popular and joined the LPGA Tour (the world’s most renowned American women’s golfing association). The Evian Masters rose to become the fifth major event of the season and was renamed the Evian Championship. Today, it is one of the most prestigious and selective international women’s golf tournaments.


An exceptional resort and course

The Evian Resort Golf Club is located in the heart of a 150-acre wooded park, and has created a bold personality over the years by offering a high-level course on a beautiful site. The views of Lake Geneva and the Alps make the village a unique, must-visit destination. What’s more, the good-natured local atmosphere is palpable, whether at the Academy (the golfing training center), the two luxury hotels, or the 18-hole course itself.

This year for the very first time, visitors and players can access the Evian Resort in record time from Geneva or Lausanne thanks to a new, futuristic catamaran christened Evian One. Climb aboard this innovative vessel and enjoy a luxury experience on the Franco-Swiss lake!


Kusmi Tea, a partner of the tournament

Kusmi Tea is a partner of the Evian Championship for the fifth year in a row. Spectators and players alike will be able to enjoy a hot cup of Kusmi tea or one of the three evian infused x Kusmi iced tea blends between holes. Supporting this exclusively female tournament is also part of one of Kusmi Tea’s major commitments.

The 2018 Evian Championship will be taking place from July 25 through 28, 2019. We hope to see you there for a unique golfing experience and a chance to try a selection of Kusmi teas!