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Are you looking for gift ideas for Mother ’s Day?

fête des meres

Did you know that the first event in honor of mothers dates back to the Greco-Roman era? At the time, the divine mother of the gods were celebrated. Later, Napoleon Bonaparte instated a day in homage to mothers of large families. Finally, in 1950, Mother’s Day was officially introduced in France on the first Sunday of May (unless it coincided with Pentecost, in which case it was moved to the first day of June).

Mothers are often quick to point out they deserve to be championed every day of the year! But we all know that a small part of them is excited in the run-up to Mother’s Day! Whether you are a son, daughter, mother, or a daughter and a mom, here are a few great gift ideas to make your mother’s day!


A shared experience

Do you know what gift mothers prefer? Spending time with their children, whatever age they may be! On this special day (or another day that suits everyone), plan a unique moment just for the two of you. Whether a session at the spa, teatime in a chic and cozy establishment, or going to see a show, use this time to chat, share secrets, or laugh together. This is your time, and it is just as precious to both of you.


Back to childhood

If you are reading this article then it’s safe to say you have grown out of gifts such as pasta necklaces and yoghurt-pot cameras. But this doesn’t mean you can’t make your own Mother’s Day gift! Think about the sort of creation that reflects who you are, and let your imagination run wild! Perhaps a note, a poem, or a quote? It is never too late to express your affection or gratitude. And if you don’t fancy yourself as a writer, play on your talents as a chef or a seamstress!


Revisiting the classics

We tend to think that giving flowers and chocolates means you lack imagination. But that all changes as soon as you personalize your gift… Customize your box of candy or scented candle, or engrave the vase for the bouquet of flowers. Photos are another classic that mothers adore. If you like a little kitsch touch, you know that almost every decorative object can be topped off with the snaps of your choosing. And if you have some time to work on your gift, you can make a full photo album of your best moments together. In our current digital age, it can be wonderful to have a physical paper album to flick through…



Does your mother love fashion? Then become her personal stylist for the day and take her on a memorable shopping session to choose the gift of her dreams. Wander from store to store, stop for a bite to eat, and give advice on different outfits. Mother-daughter shopping (and mother-son, of course!) is a special moment. And if your mother prefers gardening – or any other leisure activity, for that matter – you can twist this escapade and revamp her tool shed or garden terrace!



Is your sister here one minute and gone the next? Is your brother always happy to come to family reunions but doesn’t know how to organize them? Put on your project manager’s hat and prepare a meet-up at your place or a surprise lunch out. Invite everyone you love – Mother’s Day is a great pretext for finding a break in otherwise packed schedules. Even better, don’t tell you mother you are expecting other guests and wait for the surprise! After all, she deserves a little pinch of magic and spectacle!


If these ideas inspired you, then know that you can personalize them in an infinite variety of ways. And some can be adapted to mothers who live far away. Let your imagination run wild, and have a very happy Mother’s Day!