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Fabulous fall

fabulous fall

After the mild days of spring and the fiery heat of summer, fall seems to be caught between the two. And yet it offers so much for us to do! Here are a few ideas for making the most out of this inspiring season.

Create a cocoon at home

We all spend our lives outside during the summer, soaking up the sun and enjoying those seemingly endless days. Fall is an invitation to spend more time at home and gently ease into the winter transition. And what better way of crafting your own, irresistible little nest than finding the perfect decorations? We recommend one or two soft rugs, a few comfy cushions, and a cozy blanket, all in warm colors. Sometimes moving a piece of furniture is all it takes to completely transform the ambience of a space and create a wonderful feeling of renewal. And why not indulge in some scented candles for a combined visual and aromatic experience?

Take care of your body

We never forget to stay hydrated during the summer. As the temperatures soar and our clothing gets lighter, drinking enough is a priority. But the arrival of fall doesn’t mean we should stop. Don’t forget to pamper your skin and regularly stretch your muscles. This is also a great time to indulge in a spa treatment, or simply take some time for yourself in the comfort of your home. Fall is the perfect season to replace those salads and raw bowls with delicious soups, and reintroduce steaming mugs of tea into your daily routine. The heat of the cup in your hands, the aromas of the infusion, and the delicate flavors of your favorite blend are ideal for warming body and mind whatever the time of day.

Chase the sun

The brightest hours in the day have shifted – especially with the changing of the clocks. It is up to us to adapt to the new cycle and enjoy as much sunlight as possible. It gets dark earlier, so we have to anticipate! Take on the great outdoors during the day, and return home at dusk to enjoy other pleasures such as reading, cooking, or watching a good movie… Board games, anyone?

Admire spectacular landscapes

Romantic trips away and cultural excursions are usually associated with spring weekends, sunny cities, or sandy beaches. But the autumn colors also make for gorgeous scenery! With orange-leafed forests scattered with chestnuts, rays of sunlight streaming down onto lakes or against the façades of beautiful buildings, and deserted beaches blown by the wind and the crashing waves, fall destinations certainly have their own particular charm.

And remember, whatever the season, it is so important to take care of ourselves…