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An extraordinary Valentine’s Day wish list


It’s almost time for that date that many claim to be “the most romantic day of the year.” Despite repeating that it’s just another day while turning up our noses at the red hearts appearing all over the place, we secretly wish our valentine would do a little something extra just for us! Behind closed doors away from the bouquets of roses and boxes of chocolates, we have made a wish list of original gifts we would love to receive…


A gift to be enjoyed as a couple

In our modern times when everything moves so fast and we struggle to switch off and enjoy the moment, a common dream is to be given more time to enjoy an experience. The first entry on our wish list is a relaxing break for two, enjoyed together in a calming atmosphere. This gift can be adapted to all schedules and budgets, and can take the form of a romantic weekend in a European capital, a day trip to the seaside, an afternoon spa session, or a delicious dinner for two in an intimate restaurant.


A home-made gift

One of the gifts your other half will love the most is definitely something you have made with your own hands! Your creativity is the only limit! Why not a letter, a poem, or even a novel for the most inspired among us? Or perhaps a video compilation of your best memories together? It’s the thought that counts with this gift, and you’re sure to get it right when you give something you created yourself. You could even give each other a gift as a couple, such as a night cooking as a team! One peels, one chops, and you both enjoy your home-made meal together!


A personalized gift

From pretty hand-painted pictures to delicate engravings and modern embroidery, there are countless ways of personalizing a gift to make it truly unique. Think about what your beloved likes, your shared passions, the funny stories you have together… and choose a present that suits you best! Little references could include a bottle of perfume, the lid from a tin of loose tea, or even a t-shirt label. Just remember, (almost) everything can be personalized. Now is the time to get creative. Don’t just write your other half’s name. Instead try out a handful of phrases, lines of poetry, or words that only you two can understand to create the unique gift that’s sure to surprise!


A gift that keeps on giving

A long-term gift that continues to remind your loved one how wonderful you are for giving them such a lasting present! And yes, this is possible! A subscription is one great idea. Think of a magazine focused on one of their passions, or regular new novels that match their literary tastes. There are also gourmet restaurant gift sets, series of massages, and even frequent bouquets of flowers! Each instalment will be like a long-awaited meeting every week or month that will resonate with your relationship together.


An unusual gift

This idea implies a little more risk. But that’s also what love is – stepping out of your comfort zone, experimenting, and spicing up the everyday! An unusual gift is one you only give once, but that leaves a lasting memory. A few ideas include a night spent in a yurt, an igloo, or a treehouse! Or reserving a table at a restaurant where all the dishes are enjoyed in total darkness. Or even organizing a couple’s photoshoot or a day of volunteering for a meaningful experience. Express your inventive side and let your imagination run wild!


The origins of Valentine’s Day are still unclear, and historians continue to disagree on the background of the mysterious saint himself. Given the uncertainly, let’s just keep in mind that February 14 is a day to celebrate Love with a capital “L” – even more than usual!