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Indispensable Earl Grey

earl grey

It’s safe to say that Earl Grey ’s reputation precedes it! The famous tea flavored with bergamot is generally black, but can also be found in a green variety. This beverage is probably the best-known of all the herbal teas, and also the world’s most popular.

But aside from Earl Grey ‘s fame, what else is there to know about this intriguing tea?

So the legend goes, Earl Grey takes its name from an earl by the name of Charles Grey. The nobleman was the British prime minister during the 1830s, and supposedly imported or even created the recipe. One thing is certain – the earl was the first person in Europe to sample his tea with the delicious addition of this citrus fruit…

Generally found as an essential oil, bergamot gives the tea a vigorous yet delicate freshness and a pleasant, easily recognizable taste. This citrus fruit is likely the result of limes crossed with oranges, but cannot be enjoyed fresh as its flesh is far too bitter. It is also a popular ingredient in the world of perfumery, and mostly grown in the region of Calabria on the “toe” of the boot-shaped Italian peninsula.

Earl Grey can be enjoyed in its classic form, but there are also a wide range of variations, each more enticing than the last. The different versions include decaffeinated Earl Grey, which can be consumed throughout the day, and the Earl Grey Polish blend, a tangier tea pepped up with scents of lemon and lime. And others still can be found with added orange blossom! A whole host of flavorful experiments to be tried to find your favorite Earl Grey!