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D.I.Y. Make your own hanging plant frame

the black leaf kusmi tea

Plants have really become must-have features of our interior design projects! Kickstart the European Sustainable Development Week (May 30 through June 5, 2018) by making your own hanging plant frame with colorful bottles of evian infused x Kusmi.


Brand-new and organic

Green, orange… and pink! The evian infused x Kusmi range is expanding to include a recipe blending fresh lychee and zingy grapefruit.

And that’s not all! Every single recipe in the evian infused x Kusmi range is now certified organic by Ecocert*. These blends offer the purity of evian natural mineral water, the delicacy of an organic white tea infusion, the unique taste of organic fruit juices, and natural flavorings. Naturally, each one is free from preservatives.

* Inspection and certification body for sustainable development worldwide.


Using plants to give your day a little boost

As everyone knows, having plants at home offers a number of benefits. Thanks to the process of photosynthesis, each plant filters and renews the air in our interior. They also humidify their surrounding environment, but above all, plants are a source of well-being when we look after them!

Whether pileas, monsteras, or succulents, plants are increasingly being showcased online. More and more Instagram accounts flaunt their beauty, although we don’t see many examples in real life. So, what better time to get inspiration from today’s tropical trend?


Drink, plant, and admire!

Using pretty bottles of evian infused x Kusmi to create an indoor hanging garden is an idea from the talented Kaya. The founder of the plant-based blog The Black Leaf takes us through different botanical gardens and parks. Expect to discover surprising and majestic slices of nature, with plants in the spotlight through experiments and activities.


For this D.I.Y. project, you will need:


  • 1 piece of pinewood 13mm x 70mm, 2.5m long(get it cut into four 30cm planks in the store)
  • 16 screws, 3mm x 12mm
  • 4 shelf brackets, 3mm
  • 1 or 2 spray-paint cans (different colors) and chalkboard paint
  • Wood beads
  • 2 bamboo skewers
  • 1 drill
  • 1 punching machine
  • 2 bottles of evian infused x Kusmi, after drinking them, of course!
  • 2 little herbs or plants, here we are using strawberry plants
  • Compost
  • Natural string or cotton (nothing synthetic, or the capillary action won’t work)
  • And, finally, a spoon, a pair of scissors, a paintbrush, a scalpel, a white marker pen, and you’re ready!


Step 1

Paint the beads and brackets in the color of your choosing. Then paint the tops of the skewers with the chalkboard paint. Once dry, write the name of your plant with the white marker pen.


Step 2

Make 2 holes in one of the 4 planks, 10cm from the edge. Take the brackets and screws and attach two planks together. Repeat until you have a completed frame.


Step 3

Remove the labels from the evian bottles and use the scalpel to cut off the bottom quarter of each bottle. Using the punching machine, make a hole in the top part of the bottle, near the cut edge. Repeat on the opposite side of the bottle. Finally, make a hole in the top of the bottle cap. Repeat for the second bottle. Quick tip: If you do not have a punching machine, you can use a metal skewer. Simply heat it over a flame (a lighter or a gas stove) before piercing the holes!


Step 4

Cut 4 strings of around 15cm. Push one string through one of the holes on the side of the bottle and tie a double knot. Do the same on the other side. Push 2 strings partly through the hole in the bottle cap. Repeat for the second bottle.

Step 5

Put the caps back on the bottles. Pull the strings so that no more than 5cm is outside of the bottles. Fill the bottles with compost without squashing the string at the bottom. The string should reach up through the bottle to ensure equal hydration.

Place the plants in the bottles, add more compost if necessary. The roots should be well covered. Press down the compost a little.


Step 6

Push the two other strings at the top of one bottle through one of the holes in the plank. Thread them through one of the beads and pull them so that the bottle is hanging 3cm above the bottom of the frame. Make a knot to fix them in place. Repeat with the other bottle. Cut off the extra string just above the knot.


Step 7

Now your plants are hanging in place, put the bottom section of the bottles underneath, fill them with water, and place the strings poking out of the bottle caps in the liquid. Finally, make sure the bottoms are always filled with water so the strings can continuously absorb the water the plants need to grow and flourish!


Et voilàYour magnificent hanging plant frame is complete! Place it in a bright place out of direct sunlight to make it last as long as possible.