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DIY: Reusing Kusmi tins to decorate your Christmas table


One of the challenges at Christmas is dressing up the table in a traditional style while adding a pinch of originality. This year, we suggest you to decorate by reusing some things you already have, but with a unique little twist !

Here are a few fun ideas for reusing your Kusmi Tea tins.

Idea n°1: Transform your mini tins into candle holders


Making these candle holders couldn’t be simpler! You will need:

-3 empty 25g tins

-3 tealights



Step 1:

Clean the tins to remove any tea residue.

Step 2:

Fill the tins two-thirds full with water.

Step 3:

Add the tealights and light them!


There are more than 30 Kusmi Tea mini tins, so you can vary the colors and even give one to each guest as a gift!



Idea n°2: Transform your empty tin into a lamp

Create a cozy atmosphere by transforming your Kusmi Tea tins into beautiful lamps to be put on the table or around the house.

You will need:

-A 125g Kusmi Tea tin

-A few sprigs of Christmas tree

-Battery-operated fairy lights


Step 1:

Cut a few sprigs from your tree, between 6 and 7 centimeters long, and place them at the bottom of your empty tin.

Step 2:

Put the fairy lights in the tin on top of the sprigs, ensuring the batteries are hidden under them.

Step 3:

Turn on the lights… and enjoy the calm and cozy ambiance!

Idea n°3: A beautiful centerpiece to decorate your table!

You will need:

-A tin of Alain Ducasse White Tea

-Small Christmas tree branches


-2 decorative holly berries

-Candy cane


Step 1:

Remove the lid from your tin. Cut a few thick tree branches, between 30 and 40 centimeters long, and put them into the Alain Ducasse White Tea tin.

Step 2:

Cut two tree sprigs between 7 and 8 centimeters long and attach the decorative berries to them.

Step 3:

Attach the two sprigs to the tin using a piece of string. Wrap the string around the tin several times to make it even prettier.

Step 4:

Add a couple of candy canes that your little ones can enjoy during the celebrations!

Et voilà! A unique and original tin to decorate and delight your guests!


Idea n°4: A Kusmi Tea tin turned into a candle!


Candles are a key part of Christmas decorations, so why not make your own? Here is a tutorial on reusing tins we published on KbyKusmi in September 2018. But this time it’s much more Christmassy!


You will need:

-Kusmi Tea tins (125g and 25g)

-Candle wax pellets or flakes

-Candle wicks

-Wooden chopsticks

-5 cardboard cups


Step 1:

Place the wick in the center of the tin, ensuring the base is completely flat on the bottom of the tin.

Gently roll the top of the wick around the chopstick balanced across the top of the tin. The wick should be completely straight and not move when you pour in the wax.

Step 2:

Take 5 cardboard cups. Fill each one with 7 heaped tablespoons of wax pellets.

Melt the wax in the microwave, removing it every 2 minutes to see how it changes.

The wax is ready when it is completely liquid and transparent.

It takes 15-20 minutes for a perfect result. Help the wax melt by occasionally stirring it with the second chopstick.

Step 3:

Place the tin on a flat surface.

Slowly pour your wax into the center of the tin to ensure there are no air bubbles in your candle.

Step 4:

After pouring the wax into the tin, all that’s left to do is wait! Leave the chopstick holding the wick. Avoid moving the tin for around 12 hours.

Step 5:

When the wax is all white, opaque, and hard, you can remove the chopstick and cut the wick so that around 2 centimeters are visible.