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DIY: how to create your own flowers bouquet


Valentine’s Day is around the corner! Whether you want to surprise your sweetheart with a bouquet, or just decorate your home with flowers, here’s a sweet, step-by-step tutorial for creating your own bouquet…



Step 1: Choose your flowers

This year, skip the classic bouquet of red roses! Step out of the box and express yourself by creating your own bouquet. In terms of color, we’ll focus on romantic hues with a pretty, pink bouquet.

As for the choice of flowers, we won’t rule roses out entirely… We’ll just use pink ones! Vary the sizes and colors of the flowers to create a unique bouquet. To make the bouquet even more impressive, we’ll also add a beautiful branch of pale pink hydrangea.


Step 2: Add foliage

To help your chosen flowers stand out, place some plant sprigs alongside them: eucalyptus stems, wax branches, pistachio foliage…

These delicate branches will add volume, and give the bouquet a touch of “just picked” springtime flair.


Step 3: Assembling

Now it’s time to assemble your bouquet: It’s not difficult, but it does require concentration! Start by assembling your flowers into a little bouquet (you can hold them together using a thin raffia string, if necessary). Then, add volume with the foliage branches, placing them around the flowers with their stems arranged diagonally to create a round bouquet. Try alternating the two types of foliage for a homogeneous bouquet. Tie the bouquet off with a new, 7-8 cm piece of raffia string around the base of the flowers.



Step 4 – Choosing the vase

If you plan to put the bouquet in a vase immediately, choose a white or transparent vase that won’t distract from the pink flowers.

If you want to gift the bouquet, along with a box of tea, for example, it will look great slipped in a Kusmi Tea bag.




Don’t forget to take care of it!

Roses need a lot of water, so don’t hesitate to water them every other day. And to extend the bouquet’s beauty, trim some of the flower stems diagonally!


Now, curl up with a cup of AquaRosa and enjoy the beautiful touch of color you’ve added to your home!