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The Kusmi Tea “Behind the Scenes” Saga: Detox, the Original Blend


Today we would like to tell you about Detox, one of Kusmi Tea’s iconic products. This renowned lemony blend from the Wellness range can easily be spotted thanks to its famous green tin!

A little history

Let us begin by travelling back in time to 2007… Kusmi was showcasing its tea-making know-how, continuing to promote artisanal production using meticulously-selected premium raw materials – values championed since it was founded in 1867. Its classic recipes and historical Russian blends had foodies coming back for more. But Kusmi was looking for a touch of the avant-garde and unique new flavors. After all, innovation has always been part of its identity!

A daring blend

As the years went on, a faster pace of life meant it was even more important to take care of ourselves. With this in mind, the brand decided to innovate by creating Detox. This was the first tea in a collection that would become the Wellness blends. What’s more, it was the very first Detox tea on the market! The Detox recipe is both simple and intricate. Simple because it is made with natural ingredients offering gentle, pure flavors. And intricate because is harmoniously combines wellness plants and energizing aromas to create a drink that provides both serenity and vitality. The many layers of this blend combine to create its originality and unique taste. But was exactly goes into it?

Premium ingredients

In its search for a sophisticated base to create its Detox blend, Kusmi Tea decided to mix an excellent green tea from China with a maté from Brazil. Our readers will remember maté as the plant that only grows in South America! It comes from a bush in the holly family, whose leaves are dried and ground to create a delicious herbal tea. After concocting this blend of green tea and maté, Kusmi added an exquisite pinch of lemon and lemongrass. The powerful aroma of this latter herbaceous plant – also known as “Indian verbena” – lends Detox dynamic, energizing notes. Last but not least, rose hip seeds round off the blend with their subtle tanginess. Did you know? Rose hip is the red-orange fruit from the dog rose, the most common of the wild roses. And as well as tea, you can even us it to make jam!

Detox has two things that make it original. Not only was it groundbreaking when it was made, but it was also the very first product in the range. You will also be pleased to know that its green tea and maté base means you can enjoy it throughout the day. This blend has won over tea enthusiasts and those in search of modernity with its delicious freshness whether hot or cold. How will you have yours?