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Do you speak craft?

Kusmi Tea craft

Craft is well on its way to becoming the leading new marketing trend of 2018. We took a closer look at this exciting communication strategy!


A concept in keeping with consumer expectations

Nowadays, consumers are no longer interested in purchasing an aesthetically-pleasing, well-marketed product. Instead, they are on the lookout for something reliable they can trust. Gone are the days of polished packaging and pseudo-storytelling. In today’s new era, the product has to tell a story – but not just any old tale! The background, history, and production have to be founded on true authenticity.

This new strategy involves three main points:

  • Showcasing the product’s origin
  • Offering different, daring packaging that tells a story
  • Stirring up interest focused on history and heritage


Kusmi Tea, a pioneer of the new trend

Buoyed by 150 years of history, the tea company founded in Saint Petersburg has successfully reinvented itself while preserving its rich heritage and exceptional recipes. What’s more, it has added its own personal pinch of daring – one of the brand’s key values – with innovative blends and boldly colorful packaging in an homage to its Russian roots.

In 2017, Kusmi could not have been more focused on the craft trend, with the re-release of historical formats, collector’s edition sets imbued with know-how to please tea connoisseurs, and the promotion of Russian symbols such as the matryoshka. This two-tier strategy aims to win over new consumers while continuing to satisfy the brand’s current customers.


Is craft set to become the new norm in all sectors?

While this trend is still in its early days, it has already had a profound impact on the food world. In the wake of recent health scares and scandals, consumers now want to feel reassured about what they’re putting in their mouths. As a result, we are starting to rediscover the origins of different products, and the expertise of the artisans that create them. We no longer drink tea, but instead enjoy matcha from Japan and rooibos from South Africa. This meticulous attitude has also created a need to learn as much as possible about the ceremonies, habits, and customs inherent to each type of tea leaf.

It goes without saying that authenticity is becoming a pillar of communication we just can’t do without. And Kusmi Tea is no exception, which is just as well, as we will soon be sharing a number of articles focused on this core value that inspires us every single day. Watch this space…