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The colors of your fall wardrobe


Aren’t we lucky this year? The Indian summer is still here, offering us another few weeks of beautiful sunshine. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t think about revamping our wardrobes and revisiting our outfits with a few colors for fall. By way of inspiration, here is a look at some of this season’s trends.


A splash of colors

We have made a point of not listing colors such as black, navy blue, and beige. After all, they are untouched by fashion trends and are safe bets whatever the season. But you can brighten them up in a heartbeat with peppy colors that are all the rage this fall. Crimson red, vibrant orange, and lively fuchsia are all great for illuminating your outfits while keeping you as happy as can be.


Autumnal foliage

Tones reminiscent of nature’s shift from summer to winter are another leading trend this season. Imagine a dense forest changing from deep blue to rich brown. Can you picture the different shades the leaves will take on during this metamorphosis? Now try to adapt your look using the colors from this magical landscape. We recommend camel, ochre, and rust – one of the most popular at the moment as it is easy to match and has a bold personality without being overly flashy. And don’t forget our other favorite, the classic leopard print, which is showcasing these three colors this season in clothing, accessories, and even interior design.


A full range of greens

We certainly seem to be inspired by vegetation this season, as a full range of greens has won over our favorite brands. These colors should be used in abundance, whether bottle green, pine green, or khaki, which is currently the darling of countless designers and fashion addicts. Khaki is also the perfect shade for a pant suit – the centerpiece of our fall wardrobe.


A little more sun

Yellow is also a go-to color at the moment, and can been seen in all the trendiest stores! From canary to mustard, as a full look or with careful touches via accessories and prints, strut your yellow stuff if you love this color! And speaking of prints, we advise you to take a look at checked patterns. You’re sure to see them everywhere, from tartan and houndstooth to argyle and Prince of Wales. And a little splash of yellow will make your outfit as sharp as it is elegant!


Unmissable denim

Last but not least, we couldn’t write this article without mentioning denim – your must-have material for fall and winter. Jean are an obvious choice, but you can also indulge in shirts, jackets, and even accessories to add a little nonchalance to your style.


There you have it! Spoiled for choice! Now is the perfect time to sort through your wardrobe and treat yourself to some new essentials to keep you going until next spring!