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Christmas trees with a twist, ideas to have an original one!


Some people buy their Christmas trees on December 1 at the same time as they open the first window in their Advent calendar. Some decorate at the last minute, just before Father Christmas arrives. And others prefer to swap the green fir for a different type of tree, either due to a lack of space or because they fancy a change. Here are a few inspirations for yours!


Colorful Christmas trees

Whether artificial or natural with spray paint, colorful Christmas trees have been a trend for several years. But today their shades are becoming increasingly varied and original, with turquoise, orange, pink, fuchsia, black, red, and even multicolored models! Ideal for matching with your interior design or your mood.


DIY Christmas trees

In the run-up to Christmas, countless step-by-step tutorials appear online explaining how to make your own Christmas tree and achieve a totally unique result. The most successful videos are for trees that lean against or are stuck to walls, which saves a lot of space! Popular creations include pyramids of books, boxes, branches, or wooden boards. And the mural trees include photos, baubles and fairy lights, and even stepladders left open with decorations hung between each level!


Another take on Christmas trees

This inspiration is all about buying a pre-made Christmas tree. But no ordinary one… These models often boast original designs, and can be put up and taken down at will. Some even have hooks for decorations, and they can be made from all sorts of materials. Our favorites include cardboard, metal, wood, paper, fabric, feathers, and slate, and each one can be customized. There are also knitted models and versions made with little triangular cushions.


Let there be Christmas lights!

As long as it sparkles, we love it! Whether with static or flashing lights, white or colorful, or even lit up from the inside with LEDs, illuminated Christmas trees immediately create a festive atmosphere in your family room. Choose the size and shape that suit you, and plug it in!


Delicious Christmas trees

It has to be said that this one will not last as long as the others… But there is nothing stopping you making several of them for before, during, and after the festivities! For the savory option we recommend a puff pastry – a leading trend over the last few years. Its twisted branches can be filled with various ingredients such as pesto, olives, cheese, or cubes of chorizo. For the sweet version, lots of different preparations can be revisited in a Christmas tree shape! Think brioche, gingerbread, choux buns stuck together… and of course the traditional chocolate tree! And why not decorate your actual tree with candy cane or star-shaped shortbread cookies?


And have you ever thought about making a Christmas tree by piling up your tins of Kusmi tea?