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The Interview of Chantal Thomass

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As part of  Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) , Kusmi Tea is renewing its commitment to fighting breast cancer for the fourth year in a row. This year, the talented designer Chantal Thomass has reinvented the Kusmi Tea bag, and all profits will be donated to different breast cancer charities and organizations.

But who is Chantal Thomass? And what are her inspirations? We met her to find out more.


What have been the defining moments of your career?

The biggest one is the moment everything started! When I was 20, I used to wear dresses that I designed and that my mother made using fabrics painted by my fiancé at the time, who was studying at the Beaux-Arts school. I went out a lot, and everyone loved them. Then, I was constantly told I should sell them. I sent three to a boutique in Saint-Tropez located above the Café des Arts, a very trendy spot back then. Two weeks later I was asked to make 20 more because the three I had sent had been sold to Brigitte Bardot, Michelle Mercier, and third actress whose name I can’t remember.


What is the Chantal Thomass vision of women?

I always wanted to make women beautiful. To make them self-confident and beautiful for themselves. People often say lingerie is made to seduce men, but that isn’t true at all! Lingerie is above all to seduce oneself, to be sure of oneself, and to be seductive as a result.


Why did you decide to work with Kusmi Tea to design the new bag?

I have known the brand for a very long time. Twenty years ago, maybe more, I used to go to a little side street in the 17th arrondissement of Paris to buy my Kusmi tea. The brand has grown so much. Their boutiques are magnificent, the packaging is superb, and the tea is excellent! There is a vast variety of flavors, too. I have my favorite, and my husband has his!


How was it designing the bag with the Kusmi teams?

I went very well, I really enjoyed it! I suggested a few ideas and the Kusmi team quickly picked the ones that seemed like obvious choices. They preferred the concepts founded on our shared codes such as pink and black, and iconic aspects of my creative world such as lace and padding.


What can you put in the Chantal Thomass x Kusmi Tea bag?

Today I’m carrying my iPad and my magazines for the weekend!


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