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Where will you be celebrating New Year’s Eve?


In the midst of the magic of the end-of-year celebrations, Christmas is already over but we are now getting ready to celebrate the New Year! Whether with family or friends, this event goes hand in hand with happiness, extravagance, and a pinch of festive mischief! But what happens beyond our borders? Here are a few last-minute inspirations for seeing in December 31, or perhaps some ideas for next year!



Australia is one of the very first countries to see in the New Year. And the centerpiece of December 31 is the spectacular fireworks display over Sydney Harbor. This is one of the world’s most beautiful shows, blending music and impressive pyrotechnic feats against the backdrop of the Opera House and Harbor Bridge. The crowds gather from the early morning to find a spot to admire the event! This magical moment takes place under the summer sun, starting with an exciting wait and ending with the climactic show at midnight on the dot. Our tip is to take a boat trip. This way you can see the fireworks and also take part in the Harbor of Lights Parade – a nautical ballet of illuminated boats. Unforgettable!



The incredible New Year’s concert in Vienna is renowned the world over. And you can be part of the audience, but experiencing it in real life instead of just watching it on television. Did you know? There are so many people who want to attend the general rehearsal and the New Year’s show that the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra chooses guests randomly one year in advance! If you haven’t been picked but are in the Vienna for the occasion, you can watch the event live on screens in the square in front of city hall and soak up the festive atmosphere!


Rio de Janeiro

This is another legendary New Year’s Eve event, uniting thousands of people on Copacabana Beach in Brazil! Expect live performances, wild samba music and dancing, and a collective euphoria, all on the sand and under the sun! Everyone is dressed in white to see in the New Year, and some people accessorize their outfits with bright colors that represent health, money, and love. As part of the celebrations, the Brazilians also present offerings to the Afro-Brazilian goddess of the sea, Yemanja, by throwing flowers into the waves. And don’t forget the fireworks display at midnight!


New York

This city is illuminated, fascinating, and joyful throughout the year, but even more so during the festive season. Musicals, light shows, open-air ice skating, and themed clubs are just a few of the activities in store. However, one in particular really stands out – the unmissable “ball drop” that takes place every December 31 on the iconic Times Square. A giant crystal ball descends 65 feet at 11.59 PM, falling slowly to the ground while a countdown is displayed on a giant screen. Three, two, one… Happy New Year! This is followed by no fewer than four fireworks displays in Times Square, Central Park, Brooklyn, and on the Statue of Liberty.



Everyone has to celebrate New Year’s Eve in dolce vita style at least once in their lives! On the evening of December 31, most locals are in the streets of their sublime, inimitably charming city. Around the Colosseum (lit up for the occasion) and all along the Roman Forum, countless people wander happily around holding tramezzinos and glasses of prosecco. Every year, the city also offers inhabitants and tourists a show in the old Circus Maximum chariot-racing stadium and along the River Tiber. Under the starry sky, with their hair blowing in the wind, everyone smiles and sings gleefully as the first fireworks are let off. And many Italians continue the fascinating tradition of throwing old kitchen utensils out of their windows to get the year off to a great start!


And why not celebrate the New Year twice? You could kick off the celebrations in Japan or New Zealand, fly to the United States on January 1…and land on December 31!