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The Kusmi Tea “Behind the Scenes” Saga: Blue Detox, the Intense blend


Today we are offering you a peek behind the scenes of the third Wellness recipe from Kusmi Tea: Blue Detox, the Intense blend. It was created in 2016 and was the brand’s very first product to use pineapple. If you have missed any instalments in this series, you can click here to discover Detox, the Original blend, and here to learn all about BB Detox, the totally addictive blend!

A multisensory experience

We can feel this intensity through several of our senses. First is sight, as a spoonful of Blue Detox reveals different plants of varying sizes and shades of green, along with flowers and berries. Smell is the next sense; the fragrance of this blend is unique, heady, and immediately recognizable. Finally, we have taste. After the tea has been brewed, its liquor also offers an intensity of flavor. Backed by its experience, artisanal know-how, selection of exceptional ingredients, and innovative detox recipes, Kusmi put the utmost care into creating Blue Detox to obtain the most harmonious blend possible.

A fresh, delicious blend

Blue Detox contains a number of beloved ingredients. Of course, it shares several leading plants with its two other siblings, starting with an excellent base of green tea, maté, and rooibos. It also features mint, guarana seeds, and rose hip. But the star of this blend has to be pineapple – a world favorite. It is even one of the seven most consumed fruits on Earth. Enjoyed for its sweet and sour flesh and its powerful, refreshing flavor, pineapple conjures up enchanting visions of the tropics. Did you know? It first arrived in Europe after Christopher Columbus “discovered” it in Guadeloupe in 1493. And our taste buds are glad he did!

However, let’s not forget two astonishing ingredients that round off this blend. The first is the humble nettle, a plant we generally avoid when wandering through the woods. But its properties are particularly popular as it is rich in minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. Used by herbalists throughout the ages, nettle leaves are a marvelous addition to all sorts of preparations – including herbal teas! Sunflower petals are the second ingredient. If you are imagining fields filled with orangey-yellow flowers facing the sun, then you would be right. But you may be surprised to learn that only the younger flowers follow the sun throughout their growth period. Mature flowers always remain turned towards the east!

An invitation to adventure

Aside from its irresistible taste, Blue Detox is a truly enchanting tea in a Caribbean-blue tin. As it slowly brews, close your eyes and let your mind wander. Picture yourself on a golden sandy beach with crystal clear water and a warm breeze. Needless to say, the tropics and their heavenly landscapes are key ingredients in this tea. Perfect for a moment of true well-being!

Just like Detox and BB Detox, Blue Detox can be enjoyed throughout the day, at work or at home, as a hot tea or an iced drink! And why not enjoy a cup while planning your next vacation?