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The Kusmi Tea “Behind the Scenes” Saga: BB DETOX, a totally addictive blend

After Detox, the original recipe, we are now taking a peek into the renowned yellow tin of another Kusmi Wellness tea, BB Detox, a totally addictive blend!

A tangy triple combination

Buoyed by the success of the lemony Detox blend, the first creation in its Wellness range, Kusmi Tea has continued to innovate. Much to the delight of those looking to relax and indulge with teas featuring natural ingredients and carefully developed recipes. This process led to BB Detox, a tea as fresh, energizing, and delicious as its big brother, but which draws its originality from sweet grapefruit notes. This unique tea soon won over enthusiasts looking for new sensory experiences. As for the “triple combination,” Kusmi tea decided to push on with its taste sensations and create another blend, this time in a blue tin. You can discover the full story in another upcoming Behind the Scenes instalment.

Tea, plants, and fruit

Just like Detox, BB Detox is exclusively made with premium ingredients all carefully selected in countries that produce them. Its natural identity is paired with age-old know-how and the brand’s own artisanal methods. In creating BB Detox, Kusmi Tea also chose a sophisticated base in a combination of green tea from China and maté from Brazil. And to top it all off, the brand added in rooibos, the delicious “red bush” (its meaning in Afrikaans), endemic to South Africa.

Now seems like the perfect time to tell you a little more about this humble shrub. If you take a closer look at a blend containing rooibos, you can easily spot its fine, needle-like leaves. They are much like pine needles, and cut into small pieces. This member of the acacia family grows between three and seven feet tall and is only found in South Africa, which is the sole country whose soil is suitable. Rooibos is harvested from January through March, when this hemisphere is the midst of summer! Its leaves are then spread out in the open air, sprayed with water, and dried in the sun. Rooibos is caffeine-free and contains few tannins. This means it can be enjoyed at any time of day while adding a refreshing side to the BB Detox blend.

Kusmi tea then added a fruit to this mixture of green tea, maté, and rooibos. More specifically, a citrus fruit, grapefruit, which lends an irresistibly sweet, characteristic note. Originality guaranteed! And did you know? The French word for grapefruit, pamplemousse, comes from the Dutch word pomplemoes, which means “big lemon.” It seems citrus is a family affair, but that’s not all! BB Detox has a few strings to its bow, and also offers a pinch of guarana (the little red seed renowned for its many properties, discovered thousands of years ago by the native people of Amazonia), the aniseed flavor of fennel, the freshness of mint, and the vitamins and minerals of dandelion.

There you have it! We often find it hard to choose between Detox and BB Detox… Would you go for lemon or grapefruit? Or do you prefer to indulge in both?