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Anastasia: a famous tea, and some famous names

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An iconic Kusmi tea inspired by a grand duchess  

Anastasia is among the very first Kusmi Tea blends, whose recipes are still a secret today. This particular flagship product is made from black tea, bergamot, lemon, and orange blossom.

This iconic tea draws its inspiration from the legend of the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanov, the fourth daughter and heir of Tsar Nicholas II. She mysteriously disappeared in July 1918 during the assassination of the imperial family, and so began one of the biggest enigmas of the 20th century. A great number of “Anastasias” have since appeared claiming to be the grand duchess, but none have proved to be the noble herself.

In 1997, a feature-length animated movie from Fox Animation Studios, Anastasia, hit the silver screen. Telling the tale of how the Empress Marie and her granddaughter Anastasia escaped the grisly end met by the rest of the imperial family, the film delves into the legend of the little girl’s mysterious survival…

Anastasia is a very popular name in Russia, and has even topped the lists of newborn names in recent years. Etymologically, it comes from the Greek, anastasis, meaning “resurrection.”

But other than the grand duchess, there are quite a few other famous Anastasias.


Here is a small but varied selection to illustrate the eclectic nature of this iconic moniker!

Nastassja Kinsky, the actress

You will notice this name is not quite spelled the same way, but it is in fact closely related to the name Anastasia. Nastassja Kinski is a German actress and model born in Berlin whose fame has lasted for decades. Her achievements include starring in Wim Wenders’ Paris Texas, which won the Palm d’or at the Cannes Film Festival in 1984.


Anastacia, the singer

Now here’s a singer with a career almost as unique as her powerful voice! Born into a family of artists in Chicago, she has always cultivated a passion for music. However, the talented singer has also dabbled in fashion, and is a longstanding militant in the fight against cancer – a disease she has battled twice in her life.


A princess and a tsarina

It seems the name Anastasia was always destined for greatness…

Long before the grand duchess, Anastasia Romanovna was born in 1530 and became the first wife of Ivan the Terrible. This fearsome figure was born in Moscow the same year, and went on to be the first tsar of Russia. The Tsarina Anastasia Romanovna and her brother Nikita Romanovitch lent their name to the renowned Romanov dynasty, who ruled over Russia from 1613 until 1917.

Almost four centuries after the tsarina, history gave us Princess Anastasia of Greece and Denmark (1878-1923). She became a princess by marrying Prince Christopher of Greece and Denmark, the youngest son of King George I, the second sovereign of modern Greece, and the Grand Duchess Olga Constantinovna of Russia, born in Saint Petersburg.

You may not know it, but the Greek royal family is in fact a young branch of the Danish royal family, who twice ruled over the kingdom of Greece. As a result, the titles of prince and princess “of Greece and Denmark” are given to the members of the Hellenic royal family. This custom was introduced with the 1863 ascension of the Danish King George I, who was originally the prince of Denmark before reigning over Greece.


Anastasia Knyazeva, the most beautiful little girl in the world

The online community very recently voted Anastasia Knyazeva the “most beautiful girl in the world.” She may be just six years old, but her doll-like features and big blue eyes have won the hearts of thousands all over the world. It’s no surprise the brown-haired little girl from Russia already has 700,000 followers on her Instagram account!


Can you think of any other famous Anastasias?