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An extra hour to spend…

This may be the last time we change the clocks, so let’s make the best of these extra hour by indulging both our bodies and minds!


An extra hour to spend exercising

There’s no denying that exercise is essential for our physical and psychological health and offers a range of benefits. Those who do not exercise often say it is because they don’t have enough time, and so this extra hour is the perfect opportunity! Whatever activity you choose, from the gentlest to the most demanding, you will do your body good while relaxing and boosting your confidence and concentration. Whether indoors or outside, alone or in good company, it’s time to get started! And if you are already one of the many sports addicts, you know exactly what we are talking about. You might even be reading this on the way back from your workout or class!


An extra hour to spend in the spa

“A spa? Do you really think I have time to go to the spa with my schedule?” This is a common question. And so now is the time! The time to indulge in a moment just for you, to relieve your stress, get rid of electronic devices, and forget about your worries. Going to a spa means giving your body and mind a real detox. Treatments cleanse and purify your skin, stimulate all the senses one by one, and improve your quality of sleep. Add in some essential oils and a delicately aromatic herbal tea, and you’ll soon wonder how you did without!


An extra hour to spend learning

Do you yearn to make discoveries, learn new things, and open your mind? Then you will be spoiled for choice in this extra hour, from films and novels to that must-see exhibition. And did you know? Visiting a museum also means exploring a multitude of sensations and emotions. It means escaping, sharing, thinking, loving or hating, taking the time to contemplate, and stimulating your imagination and inspiration while discovering new, fascinating worlds in fun and often interactive ways.


An extra hour to spend preparing your next vacation

There is nothing like thinking about your next adventure to make you feel like you’re already on vacation. Use these precious extra minutes to plan some fun trips! Make a short list of destinations, look at photos, immerse yourself in landscapes, and imagine yourself relaxing under the sun by the sea or in the heart of an exciting city. Choose a place or a hotel that catches your attention, compare websites and beautiful hardcopies of guides, get into the history of a country or a region, and keep an eye on the weather… Dream of a vacation to suit you…


An extra hour to spend enjoying a cup of tea with friends

We said a tea, but that was just an example! Choose a drink you love and take advantage of this free hour to organize a moment to be shared with family or friends. Have a seat on a terrace, reserve a table at your favorite restaurant, or get comfortable on your couch. And with that, everything is in place to discuss, confess, laugh, and put the world to rights! Afternoon tea will soon become an aperitif, which will then slide gently into dinner. Perfect!


An extra hour to spend having a stroll or going shopping

Sometimes we would like nothing more than wandering down a little side street or stopping for a moment in a park… But we rarely have the time and so continue hurriedly along our way. Use this extra hour and walk wherever your feet take you, following your whims and desires, and perhaps even indulging in a spot of window shopping. Forget your responsibilities and listen to your instinct and inner rhythm. And remember that if you choose a walk through the forest then you can really enjoy a breath of fresh air filled with comfort and creativity!


Whatever you choose, this extra hour should be spent relaxing! Take your pick from our little list, or make your own!